Teaching Abroad Tips

Tips for teaching mixed-ability English classes

Not all English classes are made equal. It’s a lesson learned by virtually every teacher who steps into an EFL school. Different learning styles, aptitude for language learning, varying use of tech, and student engagement are all reasons you might find some students are scoring straight A’s while others are still pondering their past tenses.…read on


5 tips for coping with tricky TEFL students

There’s usually a few tricky TEFL students in every school – the ones who won’t settle, won’t participate in group work, won’t complete their homework. Knowing how to deal with them is the mark of a great English teacher, making these top five tips essential reading for all classroom hopefuls.      Set clear achievement…read on


Tips for online EFL teachers starting on the nomad life

Online EFL teachers are taking the world by storm. From the shimmering beaches of Brazil to the soaring mountains of Austria to the surf-splashed coastline of Bali, this new breed of digital nomad is popping up all over the place. If you’re dusting off your 120-hour TEFL course with a hope of joining them, be…read on


5 top tips for teaching English to kids

The prospect of teaching English to kids can strike fear into the hearts of many a recent TEFL graduate. But it needn’t be so scary. There are ways you can dodge the dreaded rowdy classroom of nearly-10s and keep everyone entertained for the whole duration. It might take some getting used to, but you could…read on


How to teach English pronunciation

When you’re struggling to curtail the Bs on the end of ‘bomb’ or wrestling with students who can’t see the difference between ‘mud’, ‘blood’, and ‘flood’, it might just be time to focus in on speaking skills. The thing is, it’s notoriously difficult to get non-natives humming out the Queen’s, crossing their verbal Ts and…read on


11 things I wish I knew about TEFL before starting

Whether it’s tips from colleagues or contract negotiations, the minutiae of language teaching can be daunting. Here are 11 things I wish I knew about TEFL before starting – a must-read for all would-be graduates looking to explore their first destination.     Negotiation is normal when applying for jobs   Being sure not to…read on


7 things to watch out for when teaching English to Polish students

Whether it’s the majestic Gothic spires and cobbled streets of Krakow or the buzzing cityscape of modern Warsaw that’s drawn you to Poland, this huge cut-out of Central-Eastern Europe is one of the perennial favorites for TEFL teachers heading to the continent. Some words of warning for the grammar wary, though: Polish is considered one…read on


6 ways to keep earning with TEFL during school holidays

“Schoooools out for summer!” Alice Cooper might be happy, but us TEFL teachers are usually a bag of mixed feelings. Yes, it’s time to enjoy some well-earned R&R, exploring the Chinese Great Wall or hitting the beaches of the Med without a marking pile in sight, but it’s also the start of some downtime from…read on


Tips for creating a professional TEFL CV

So, you’re qualified and raring to delve into the TEFL world? Congratulations! Now comes the tricky task of bagging that dream job. Don’t worry, with all the pro support of myTEFL and that awesome certificate behind you, we’re sure it won’t be too hard. Oh, and these top tips for crafting the perfect TEFL CV…read on

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