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5 great ways to organize your TEFL classroom

Loads is written about teaching methods, teaching games, lead-in activities, and disciplinary techniques. But what about when the time comes to actually organize your TEFL classroom? There you stand; 12 desks and umpteen chairs, a class of unruly kids waiting outside the door. Just how do you expect to place them, and will it affect the way…read on


5 top tips for teaching English to adults

Anyone who’s spent time teaching English to adults will be the first to tell you that it can be a whole different beast to dealing with younger learners. That’s not to say its necessarily more difficult, but there are some nuances you should know about, and some approaches you can take to make things more…read on


Questions to ask in your TEFL interview

You might think that TEFL interview is all about being quizzed. But what if we told you it was a chance for you to do some quizzing, too? Yes sir, there’s certainly something to be said for looking at that dreaded Q&A session in your prospective school as an opportunity; a chance to see what…read on


How to ace that TEFL observation class

As if the stress of lesson planning and prepping your intros, outlining teaching goals and marking those exams isn’t enough, some schools will throw a curve ball into the mix now and then. Beware the dreaded TEFL observation class. It’s a time when the powers that be – your head of school, the higher ups,…read on


5 great ways to start a TEFL class

Anyone who’s ever stood in front of eager English learners will tell you – the start of a lesson is one of the most important aspects of teaching. It sets the tone for the learning, lays down the law to nip any potential disruptors before they get a-going, and focusses the brain on the tasks…read on


Tips for teaching mixed-ability English classes

Not all English classes are made equal. It’s a lesson learned by virtually every teacher who steps into an EFL school. Different learning styles, aptitude for language learning, varying use of tech, and student engagement are all reasons you might find some students are scoring straight A’s while others are still pondering their past tenses.…read on

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