Adventures Abroad

Action-packed TEFL destinations for adventurers

  From desert dune hikes to walking on glaciers, skiing in the Alps to surfing along long-lost coastlines, there’s plenty of action to get through in this selection of the best TEFL destinations for adventurers!     Philippines   A real chart-topper among TEFL destinations for adventurers is the Philippines. Vast and covering a nigh-on…read on


5 funny confessions of a (former) TEFL teacher

With my days of tense teaching and pronunciation lecturing firmly in the past, it’s now perhaps somewhat okay for me to reveal the honesties of the classroom I once ran. Whether it’s tales of being toppled from my high teacher’s chair by a particularly smart student or having a fight with the school photocopier, I…read on


5 life-changing gap year experiences

If gap years are good for anything (and we really think they are!), it’s surely got to be for changing up life. A perfect chance to break the routine and smash the comfort zone, they have the potential to be a full 365 days of new horizons, new skills, new people, new places. Here’s just…read on


Want to live life to the fullest? Become a TEFL teacher

It’s easy to get stuck in the nine-to-five rigmarole. Early alarm rings, speedy breakfast coffees, a morning commute, eight solid hours at the desk, and a quick pitstop at the gym before heading home – that’s the order of the day. Then it’s rest, rinse, repeat. Keep chipping away at the coalface and you might…read on


Why TEFL for Millennials is the perfect career choice

An escape from the rat race, plenty of job opportunities, and (maybe most importantly of all) a chance to travel and see the world – there are oodles of reasons why TEFL for Millennials might just be the perfect career choice…     Because Millennials love to travel   Upwards of 80 million Millennials in…read on


Things you MUST do while teaching English in the UAE

Things you MUST do while teaching English in the UAE   Teaching English in the UAE can be a real experience. Offering some of the highest wages on the globe, and a stepping stone to some of Arabia’s most mind-boggling treasures, life here is a whirlwind of mechanized skyscrapers, luminous beaches, bobbing dhow boats, shifting…read on


The best beaches to visit when teaching English in Colombia

So, you’ve decided to go teaching English in Colombia, eh? We salute you. What a great place to start or push on with that TEFL career! It’s certainly one of the more adventurous at heart, what with those soaring Andean mountains and misty jungles, those coffee-scented hills and coral stone colonial towns. Oh, and did…read on


10 festivals in Asia for TEFL teachers to enjoy

Festivals in Asia come in all shapes and sizes, from glowing lantern releases in Taiwan to mud-slinging matches in South Korea. Here are just a small selection that you can enjoy as a TEFL teacher in this enthralling corner of the globe…     Dragon Boat Festival, China   If you happen to be teaching…read on

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