What’s it like to TEFL around the world? Chad H shares his experiences.

From time to time, we present testimonials from our international alumni to provide potential TEFL students with their perspective and viewpoint. This particular update is from Chad H, who graduated from myTEFL after finishing the 140-hour internship program in Mexico. He began his teaching journey in Mexico, several years back and has been traveling the world non-stop, teaching in between his other projects. Follow his adventures on Instagram @hiphopsaveslives and his website https://www.hiphopsaveslivestv.com/.

In his words:

Hello my name is Chad Harper. The course for me was one of the best educational experiences of my life. I have been through college and this was like a very intense, hyper focused college course to get you ready for a life long career! Classmates turned into friends I still keep in touch over a year later. I started working immediately after graduation. I had many job offers but chose to teach online. In the past year teaching online has allowed me to travel around Mexico, to Amsterdam, Spain, New York City, Italy, Morocco, Poland and I am currently in The Gambia- west Africa. Being part of a forever growing industry gives me such peace of mind. Work opportunities are constantly coming my way and I plan to continue seeing the WORLD! Here are some pics from these wonderful travels.

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Happy TEFLing!

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