English is hands down the fastest-spreading language in the world. With more people speaking English than ever before, it has become the universal language for communication in tourism, commerce, trade, education, and science on an international level. The number of children, travelers, and business people demanding to learn English around the world is astonishing.

We combine world class teacher training with real job placements. TEFL training that works!



Unlike other courses which focus on theory theory theory, we developed our TEFL to be practical and classroom effective. Our training programs began life in schools with a need to have new teachers ready to take classes in 4 weeks or less. That makes our grads lean, mean teaching machines!

Job Placements


Why pay extra for placements? Schools are eager to scoop up myTEFL grads. Skip the job hunt and connect directly with great employers who want to interview you. No more lineups and anxiety. Hello great salaries, benefits, and a fully supported transition to your new home! All free for myTEFL grads.



Our accredited and externally moderated courses ensure you are getting quality training that employers love. Our graduates are working all over the world in public school positions, private training centres, Ministry of Education sponsored initiatives, NGOs and many more. Get trained with a name that is trusted!

Positive Impact


Here at myTEFL, we believe in giving back to those in need. When you enroll in a course at myTEFL, we make a donation towards a great cause in your name. You’re never charged of course, the good vibes are on us!

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9.5/10 Rated
420 Reviews

9.5/10 Rated
173 Reviews

4.9/5 Rated
92 Reviews

4.9/5 Rated
207 Reviews

Ada P.T.L

Ada P.T.L

Bulacan, Philippines.

I was already teaching several ESL students when I decided to take MyTEFL’s 120-hour Comprehensive Course. And oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed at all! I got the chance to understand better the techniques that were taught to me in a shorter course that I took prior to TEFL. The tests at the end of every lesson were very challenging and helped a lot in remembering the concepts that were discussed. Right after learning a new technique or idea from myTEFL, I applied them immediately in class and I saw how effective the suggestions were. I gained a lot of confidence in teaching and I appreciated my work more because of what I learned.

The company’s Customer Service was also excellent. All inquiries were addressed within 24 hours and the academic advisors were all knowledgeable and helpful. I am completely satisfied with their service.

This course was worth every penny! I am so happy I took it!

Alice S.

Alice S.

Maryland, USA

My experience with the online course was exhilarating; I didn’t realize how much I was missing out until I took the course! The reading was very thorough and informative with lots of quizzes. I was given ideas of how to be an effective teacher. Age groups were discussed in relation to how their learning styles affects how quickly they learn the English language which was very helpful to know. The examples offered in the course, showed me how to an effective teacher in the classroom; there were various examples, lesson plans and detailed illustrations. If anyone wants to take an online course, take it here at mytefl. You’ll leave the course with alot of knowledge you’ll implement into the real world.


Arnold Jan Ford Buhisan


Arnold Jan Ford Buhisan’s Review



Enroll in our most popular 120 hour course and be certified in four to six weeks!