About us

English is hands down the fastest-spreading language in the world. With more people speaking English than ever before, it has become the universal language for communication in tourism, commerce, trade, education, and science on an international level. The number of children, travellers, and businesspeople demanding to learn English around the world is astonishing.

With the lacklustre economy and lack of jobs for new college graduates, now is the opportunity of a lifetime to go overseas, broaden your horizons, learn a new language, live in exotic places, and earn money at the same time! Think about it; the demand for English-speaking teachers puts an expensive price tag on your head, which comes with the prestige of being a well-respected professional and worldly educator! So, put your language talents to good use by educating the world and enhancing communication in India, Brazil, France, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Poland or wherever you desire! The world relies on people like you to make a difference! Teaching English to Foreign Learners is a well-rounded experience that will intrigue future employers, shape your character abilities, diversify your resume, and give you a better perspective on the world. But before you take off, it's a good idea to be prepared for that first day you walk in a classroom full of eager and nervous learners. Few TEFLers are provided with the tools and training to minimize the anxiety and doubt that haunt new teachers...until NOW!


Our Mission At MyTEFL

Is To Provide Simple, Effective Courses That Inspire Confidence, And Develop Professional Skills Required For Classroom Success.

The course incorporates the most effective, tested techniques to date, but avoids contentious issues, advanced theories and historical context in order to minimize unnecessary complications. This ensures a new teacher’s mind is clear and focused on the relevant tasks at hand, matching professional skills with the experience to be gained in the classroom. Deeper theories and contentious issues are better explored when teachers are experienced and at a suitable stage in their careers.


Why Choose MyTEFL?

The inspiration for MyTEFL came from years of writing and publishing English learning and teaching materials for clients ranging from large multinational educational publishing houses, to EFL training institutes, to smaller boutique style learning centres. The amount of information for new and lesser experienced EFL teachers is staggering. There are thousands of publications that branch off into the many areas of teaching.

We were often approached by education institute management, prospective teachers and even teaching assistants with the same question: what should a new teacher learn before heading into the classroom? This question can be difficult when factoring real world time constraints; for example when someone is planning to go overseas and has a multitude of other tasks to complete beforehand. Many teachers may be working a full-time job and juggling family obligations while studying TEFL. Or a teacher may only have a 2 week training period before embarking on his/her first class! With these criteria in mind we took on the challenge of creating a user friendly, no frills practical online course that would teach the most valuable skills to our students.

We are proud to present our courses to you, and share the dreams of education and adventure. Let us help you leave your own Footprints around the world!