Lush landscapes, amazing food, and thousands of years of culture – Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia for a reason. Enjoy some of the best coffee in the world, take a motorcycle trip through the rice paddies or take a cruise along the world famous Hạ Long Bay – all of this while making a great salary and connecting with the friendly locals and the large expat community. After completing your online TEFL course, you will arrive in Vietnam for a week-long Orientation followed by a paid teaching position with one of our partner schools located throughout the country.



Accredited TEFL certificate recognized worldwide


Real teaching experience that employers love to see


Full accomodations provided during orientation


After completing training, you’ll be placed in a local school


You will earn $1200 to $1800 per month after training completion


  • 24 MARCH 2024
  • 21 APRIL 2024
  • 19 MAY 2024
  • 16 JUNE 2024
  • 14 JULY 2024
  • 11 AUGUST 2024
  • 8 SEPTEMBER 2024
  • 6 OCTOBER 2024
  • 3 NOVEMBER 2024
  • 1 DECEMBER 2024
  • 9 FEBRUARY 2025

Pre Trip

  • Place a deposit
  • Submit an application
  • Complete your 120 Hour Online TEFL course
  • Purchase a plane ticket
  • Purchase Insurance
  • Pack your bags!

You will be picked up at the Ho Chi Minh City Airport and taken to your comfortable accommodations, which are included for the duration of the Orientation.

You will also be provided with a local SIM card, along with documentation & assistance to open a local bank account.

Your training begins with enrollment in our top-rated 120 Hour Professional TEFL course online. The course is crafted for individuals seeking to build a strong foundation for their TEFL careers or refine their existing skills.

Some of the Units covered include Classroom Management, Incorporating Multi-Media in the class, the PPP method, Reviews and Testing, Grammar, and Lesson and Curriculum Planning.

Upon successfully concluding your online TEFL course, you’ll immerse yourself in a dynamic nine-day orientation program, a crucial phase designed to enhance your teaching prowess and cultural acumen. This comprehensive orientation not only deepens your understanding of effective teaching methodologies but also provides valuable hands-on experience through a 14-hour teaching practicum.

This hybrid approach ensures that you not only grasp the theoretical aspects of TEFL but also have the opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world teaching scenarios, preparing you for the diverse challenges and joys of the teaching journey that lies ahead.

Once settled in, you will begin your 9-day long Orientation program with other myTEFL certified teachers from around the globe. This is a great time to explore the area with fellow teachers.

Orientation includes a visit to some of the country’s best known cultural landmarks – the Cu-Chi Tunnels  Ben Thanh Market, Reunification Palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the War Remnants Museum. A visit to the night market in order to sample local delicacies, and a Vietnamese Language component (for basic communications, helpful phrases, ordering food etc.) will also take place during your Orientation.

Towards the end of the Orientation, our team will assist you in preparing your resume, demo video and scheduling interviews with schools. All our program participants work with either private or public schools located throughout the country, earning between $1,200 and $1,800 USD per month, which can make for a very comfortable lifestyle in Vietnam.

Most schools we work with are located in or around the largest cities, such as Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi.

Besides completing a 120 Hour TEFL, you will receive a letter of recommendation outlining the training you have received, and the teaching experience you have accumulated. This will go a long way when applying for future teaching positions anywhere in the world! Many of our graduates choose to travel throughout SE Asia after teaching and saving some money, while some may decide to stay in Vietnam and pick up a new TEFL position independently.

What’s Included

  • 120 Hour Online TEFL course
  • Pre-arrival preparation
  • Visa & work permit support
  • 9 day in-person TEFL training workshops
  • Cultural activities & excursions
  • Guaranteed job placement
  • 24/7 on the ground assistance in Vietnam


  • applicants must be between 20 and 60 years old
  • Bachelor degree or higher
  • fluent English
  • all passport holders welcome
  • travel insurance
  • 6 – 12 month commitment

How to Apply

  • Click the “Book” button and place your deposit
  • Start working on your TEFL
  • Within 3 days of Booking, email the following to intern@mytefl.com
    • Cover letter
    • Recent photo
    • CV or resume
    • Scan of your passport
    • Scan of your degree (if applicable)
  • One of our coordinators will be in touch to process your application!

How to Apply

  • Click the “Book” button and place your deposit
  • Start working on your TEFL
  • Within 3 days of Booking, email the following to intern@mytefl.com
    • Cover letter
    • Recent photo
    • CV or resume
    • Scan of your passport
    • Scan of your degree (if applicable)
  • One of our coordinators will be in touch to process your application!


Native English speakers typically earn between US $1,200 and $1,800 per month teaching English in Vietnam, while non-natives commonly earn between US $1,000 and $1,600.

Yes, non-natives with a neutral accent, and a good command of English are eligible to apply for our Vietnam TEFL internship.

A standard English teaching placement in Vietnam is one year in length. Candidates may also seek a 6 month TEFL placement in Vietnam, but they are less common.

Accommodations are included for the Orientation. Accommodations are a private hotel room with a private bathroom.

A formal report is not needed from your home country. However, a medical check will be required to obtain a work permit to TEFL in Vietnam once you are in the country. Teachers should disclose any significant mental or physical health conditions when signing up for the program.

The majority of the TEFL placements in Vietnam are in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, and Can Tho. There are also placements available in smaller towns and more rural areas.

Knowing Vietnamese is not necessary, but learning a few phrases and words will make you a hit with the locals. Survival language will be a part of the Cultural Immersion workshop!

Your placement in Vietnam will mainly be at private language training centres which have adult and young learner classes.

Airport pickup isn't included. However it can be arranged for interns.

For the training portion, teachers will arrive on a DL Class visa (tourist/visitor). It is then converted to a work visa once employment is secured. Support is provided throughout, but costs are borne by the teacher.

First, carefully review the requirements and FAQs. If you're eligible to apply, place a deposit using the Enroll/Booking button. This will grant you immediate access to your online TEFL course and provide a link to an application form. Complete the form and submit the listed application documents. One of our friendly Coordinators will reach out via email within 2 days of booking to continue the process.

A Bachelor degree or higher is currently necessary to TEFL in Vietnam.

Our Vietnam TEFL program does not have a passport requirement. All nationalities are welcome.

Yes, friends and couples are welcome to apply to TEFL in Vietnam together. Flexibility in location is key to ensuring a placement in the same school, or at least in the same area.

We recommend having at least US $1,250 to bring with you to cover personal costs and having a safety buffer before you receive your initial salary payment.

Applicants must have a clean criminal background check with no criminal record, previous arrests, or charges. You should have the CRC notarized and legalized before arriving in Vietnam.

Pets are strongly discouraged. The costs and logistics of bringing a pet are nearly prohibitive. Finding accommodations would be much more difficult.

TEFL training starts with our 120 Hour online TEFL course which will cover everything you need to handle your own classes. Upon arrival in Vietnam, you will complete additional TEFL workshops covering lesson planning, cultural immersion, employment, observed classes and observed teaching practice.

TEFL Schools in Vietnam hire throughout the year. The only time hiring may slow down is around the Tet New Year.

Our team on the ground in Vietnam along with your employer will help you find housing. There are various types of accommodations and locations available, and the decision on where to live is based on personal preference. At no point are you accomodation hunting "on your own" during the training and placement.

Medical insurance is not included. All myTEFL Vietnam interns should arrive with proof of travel insurance. This is the insurance we recommend for the first 3 months in Asia.