Embark on a genuine Costa Rican adventure through our Internship program. Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of rondón, chifrijo, and other local delicacies at bustling food markets. Dive into the rich tapestry of Costa Rican culture, learning to dance merengue like a local and exploring the stunning nature and wildlife this incredibly biodiverse country has to offer. Immerse yourself in the Pura Vida lifestyle alongside fellow interns while completing your orientation week, paving the way for a fulfilling teaching position within the heart of Costa Rica’s communities. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!



Accredited TEFL certificate recognized worldwide


Real teaching experience that employers love to see


Full accommodations provided during orientation


You'll be placed in a fully paid teaching position in Costa Rica after completing your TEFL


$700 - $1200 USD per month for non-degree holders, $1000-$2000 USD per month for degree holders


  • 8 APRIL 2024
  • 29 MAY 2024
  • 3 JUNE 2024
  • 15 JULY 2024
  • 19 AUGUST 2024
  • 27 JANUARY 2025
  • 17 MARCH 2025
  • 14 JULY 2025

Pre Trip

  • Complete your 120 Hour Online TEFL course
  • Make sure your vaccines are up to date
  • Purchase insurance
  • Purchase a plane ticket
  • Pack your bags!

We’ll meet you at the airport and transport you to the beautiful city of San Ramon, located in the central valley. Furnished, modern accommodations are provided for the duration of the orientation week.
Aside from being close to training, accommodations are safe, comfortable and regularly vetted by staff members.

Over the course of your orientation week, you will not only attend a Teacher’s workshop to help hone your teaching skills – the entire class will also make acquaintance with the local culture through culture and history classes and take basic Spanish classes. Other orientation week activities include a trip to a nearby coffee plantation, a visit to the conservation park, volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary, as well as a tour of the local market and a class where you will learn how to cook some traditional Costa Rican delicacies.

Whether you prefer to be located near a beach or in the city, our placement team will find secure a paid teaching position for you in a location of your choosing. Most students are young adults or business professionals. We also have online positions available for teachers looking to be placed in less populated locations, or those looking to supplement their income!
We offer both full- and part-time positions in language academies and international schools, where you will work from Monday to Friday. A typical schedule consists of between 20-35 hours weekly.
New teachers can expect to make between $700 and $1200 USD per month if they don’t hold a degree, whereas degree holders typically receive about $1000 to $2000 USD per month.
With a very reasonable cost of living in the country, our teachers working on a full-time schedule typically save around 30% of their earnings

Besides getting your 120 Hour TEFL certification, you will gain valuable teaching experience through the program.
Along with the connections you make with other teachers, will be indispensable in kickstarting your teaching career abroad, whether you decide to teach elsewhere in Latin America or worldwide!
If you would prefer to teach in another region of Costa Rica following the completion of your contract, our in-country team will be happy to help!

What’s Included

  • 120 hour online TEFL course
  • Pre-departure preparation assistance
  • Airport pickup & transfers
  • 1 week Costa Rica orientation
  • Cultural activities & excursions
  • Job placement with salary guarantee
  • Spanish lessons (1 week)
  • SIM card
  • Assistance with opening a bank account in Costa Rica
  • 24/7 on the ground assistance in Costa Rica


  • applicants must be between 21 and 45 years old
  • fluent English
  • no degree required for US and CA citizens. Bachelor’s degree required for other nationalities
  • CA, US, UK, SA, AU, IR, or NZ passport holder
  • 6 or 12 month contract availability

How to Apply

  • Click the “Book” button and place your deposit
  • Within 3 days of Booking, email the following to intern@mytefl.com
    • Recent photo
    • CV or resume
    • Scan of your passport
    • Scan of your degree (if applicable)
  • One of our coordinators will be in touch to process your application!

How to Apply

  • Click the “Book” button and place your deposit
  • Start working on your TEFL
  • Within 3 days of Booking, email the following to intern@mytefl.com
    • Cover letter
    • Recent photo
    • CV or resume
    • Scan of your passport
    • Scan of your degree (if applicable)
  • One of our coordinators will be in touch to process your application!


Degree holders typically earn between US $1000 and $1800 per month teaching English in Costa Rica, while non-degree holders commonly earn between US $700 and $1000.

A passport from the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa is required to participate in the TEFL Costa Rica program.

If a couple or friends traveling together sign up for the TEFL internship, at least one must be open to working online. If two in-person placements near each other are not available, we will strive to place either both or one person in an online role. This enables them to work remotely and decide where to live, ensuring they can stay together even if their friend or partner has a fixed position at a local academy.

We recommend having US $1700 to bring with you to cover personal costs and having a safety buffer before you receive your initial salary payment.

Applicants must have a clean criminal background check with no criminal record, previous arrests, or charges. However, those with minor offenses on their record may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Pets are strongly discouraged. The costs and logistics of bringing a pet to Costa Rica are nearly prohibitive. Finding and securing accommodations would also be much more difficult.

Activities vary depending on the intake but usually include a coffee farm visit, a trip to a beautiful waterfall, a Costa Rican cooking class, and a visit to an animal rescue centre. In addition 6 hours of survival Spanish lessons are included during the Orientation.

TEFL in Costa Rica is mainly comprised of adult students; approximately 70%. About 30% of English learners in Costa Rica may be classified as young learners.

Costa Rica has 12 official holidays each year, which are generally days off for teachers. Schools often offer additional paid leave on 12 month contracts. Most schools close during Christmas and Easter weeks.

myTEFL provides guidance on finding housing, and your employer will help as well. There are various types of accommodations and locations available, and the decision on where to live is based on personal preference. We assist teachers throughout the process and help navigate accommodation options once preferences are known.

Medical insurance is not included. All myTEFL Costa Rica interns need to have their own medical insurance coverage.

Yes, non-natives holding a bachelor degree and a neutral accent are eligible to apply for myTEFL's Costa Rica TEFL internship.

A standard English teaching placement in Costa Rica is one year in length. North American candidates may opt for a 6 month placement.

Accommodations are included for the Orientation. Accommodation is shared occupancy with an en-suite bathroom. Those seeking more privacy can request and pay for a private room, subject to pre-approval and availability.

A formal report is not needed. Teachers must disclose any significant mental or physical health conditions when signing up for the internship.

Most in-person teaching placements are in San Jose and Guanacaste. If teachers want to live near the coast or other areas, online positions are available for location independence.

Knowing Spanish is not necessary to TEFL in Costa Rica, but it can be beneficial and schools favour candidates who know a bit of basic Spanish. The TEFL internship in Costa Rica includes 6 hours of intensive language lessons to help you get up to speed.

You may work at Costa Rican language academies, which are schools primarily for adults but also include some young learners. Additionally, there are online TEFL placements, where you teach remotely to students from Central and South America.

TEFL Schools in Costa Rica hire throughout the year based on new student enrollments. The peak hiring times are in December for January starts and in June. Hiring slows down significantly in the fourth quarter of the year.

Airport pickup is included! Costa Rica TEFLers should book their flights to arrive at San Jose (SJO) airport the day before their in-person training begins.

Visa support is provided. However the actual costs of the visa are borne by the participant.

First, carefully review the requirements and FAQs. If you're eligible to apply, place a deposit using the Enroll/Booking button. This will grant you immediate access to your online TEFL course and provide a link to an application form. Complete the form and submit the listed application documents. One of our friendly Coordinators will reach out via email within 2 days of booking to continue the process.