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Help! I’m homesick when EFL teaching

Homesickness. Every traveler has had it at some point, right? After that initial hit of excitement has receded, you’ve had your fill of pad Thai noodles down the throbbing streets of Bangkok, are bursting with visions of golden temples, or fresh from the meandering Great Wall of China, you suddenly feel a sort of inexplicable…read on


Tips for staying healthy while overseas

Whether it’s checking for malarial zones, keeping happy, or dodging dodgy eateries, we’ve got a couple of top tips for staying healthy while overseas. It’s good prep reading for any would-be TEFLers about to hit the road…     Try to get some sort of routine going   Many people think that hitting the road…read on


8 tips for saving money while TEFL teaching

Adventure aside, becoming an English tutor is, at the end of the day, a job. That means it’s there to make dollar bills and support a lifestyle. One age-old question would-be graduates ask is if it’s possible to save money while TEFL teaching. The answer is that it totally depends on where you go, what…read on


Things to pack for TEFL teaching in the tropics

The chance to do some TEFL teaching in the tropics is one of the reasons so many people opt to get on our myTEFL courses and get qualified. Not only does this gorgeous region of the world offer sparkling beaches and aquamarine seas, but it’s also got awesome weather – think humid days and sultry…read on


8 great apps for TEFL and travel

It’s the 21st century folks, and that means apps have shouldered their way into…well, everything. From shopping lists to maps, travel guides to fitness assistants, it now seems there’s a nifty little program out there to help us out with all aspects of day-to-day life. Teaching’s no different, with a whole host of tools now…read on


A day in the life of a TEFL teacher in Thailand

So, you’ve decided it’s the Land of Smiles for you, eh? Good choice! Aside from sizzling pad Thai noodles and perpetually smiling locals, you’re in for one whirlwind of mystical Buddhist temples, deep Khmer histories and perfect beaches. Just check out this mock-up of one day in the life of a TEFL teacher in Thailand…read on


5 foods to enjoy while teaching in Vietnam

Simplicity, freshness, five spice, and influences from as far afield as France are all hallmarks of the Vietnamese kitchen. The result is a medley of amazing flavors that I can barely bring myself to write about for fear of mouthwatering and tummy rumbles. Still, for the benefit of those teaching in Vietnam, I shall do…read on


Festive teaching: Christmas in TEFL destinations

Being away from home in the big wide world for the festive period can be hard, especially for those newly-qualified TEFL teachers who’ve only just broken out of the comfort zone for a life of grammar lessons and explorations on the road. However, Christmas in TEFL destinations can also be darn fun! Yep, with a…read on


7 tips to help you make new friends when TEFL teaching abroad

Opting to change up the rigmarole of your usual nine-to-five and take to the road for a career of TEFL teaching abroad was never going to be an easy decision. With so many things to think about, from where you’ll be living to whether your grammar and gerunds are up to scratch, there’s no question that…read on

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