About Teaching in Dubai: Essential Tips for TEFL Teachers in the UAE

The UAE has existed since 1971 and is known for its glamorous lifestyle and boisterous economy. As a country interspersed with frequent desert regions, beaches, and artificial islands, the UAE is a renowned tourist hub in the world. 

Due to a growing expat populace and diverse local inhabitants, Dubai’s continuous development allows professionals to seek a better lifestyle. From techies looking to settle temporarily, to 9-5 workers looking to put roots down, Dubai currently teems with opportunities for many people. It is no wonder that AEX car rental and other vehicle rental services are working round-the-clock to satisfy the transportation needs of the growing population.

Dubai as a Nesting Space for TEFL Teachers

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English is a widely spoken language in the Emirates. Although the Emirati’s lingua franca is the Arabic Language, the all-round growth has made many people adopt English as a second language, fostering its teaching in schools and education centers. As such, the path for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) has opened to many educators. 

Many specialists are now intrigued and eager to seek new opportunities to teach English as a foreign language in Dubai. The reasons for the enthusiasm can be traced to the following:

  • Lucrative Salary Packages

Dubai offers high salary packages to TEFL teachers. The salary in the city usually exceeds the ones offered in other countries. Therefore, teachers can be adequately paid for their services and feel fulfilled. 

Another key advantage of working in Dubai is the absence of income tax. While tax takes away a significant portion of people’s earnings in other countries, UAE people can maximize their income. This will elevate the teachers’ living standards and enable them to bask in luxuries they might otherwise not be able to afford. 

  • Professional Growth Opportunities

Dubai has a thriving education system that allows TEFL teachers to improve and expand their knowledge base. They can also meet high-caliber people, network, and chart a high-end career path. 

  • Quality of Life

The UAE is a country renowned across the world for its expensive lifestyle. The country has modern infrastructure, world-class amenities, and a safe environment, and futuristic technologies. No wonder many people want to live in the country. 

Thankfully, working and living in the country as a TEFL teacher allows people to bask in these opportunities, elevating their living standards.

Become a Successful TEFL Teacher in The UAE: What to Do


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While the UAE may be an ideal place to pursue your career as a TEFL teacher, you need adequate preparation to succeed there. Knowing what to do and how to do it will get you the job and enable you to settle in. It is also your ticket to lasting in the ever-demanding workspace.

Below are some fool-proof tips to excel as a TEFL teacher in the UAE: 

  • Get the Necessary Qualifications

You must be prepared and have the certifications to thrive as a TEFL teacher in Dubai. First, you must have a bachelor’s Degree, especially in fields related to the job. Also, you must possess a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification. These certifications demonstrate your proficiency and are often a prerequisite for employment in reputable institutions.

Many employers require previous working experience in similar roles. You can gain this experience through volunteering or doing internships. Some institutions can enable you to use the work experience gained outside the Emirate, while some are stringent about work experiences gained only in the Emirate. 

Research and ensure you understand the Emirati visa process, as you need a work visa to be a TEFL teacher in the UAE. You can get this visa if you already have a job offer.

  • Explore TEFL Opportunities in Dubai

Finding a teaching job in the UAE depends more on strategies than luck. Fortunately, countless online resources help you with your job searches. Therefore, you can easily get an Emirati TEFL teaching job before leaving your home country. Create a strong resume and take advantage of job boards.

You can also send applications directly to schools, educational institutes, language institutes,  and universities to position yourself for a job with them. Ensure you do not use the same resume and cover letter to apply for all the jobs. Instead, tailor your resume to suit each job for a better chance. 

  • Sort Your Pre-Departure Logistics

Getting a teaching job in the UAE may take time and requires perseverance; that is not the end of the journey. You must put certain things in place to ensure you get to the UAE safely and settle in properly. 

Start sorting your logistics out before leaving your home country. Consider getting accommodation and renting a car to settle in easily. Ensure the accommodation is close to your workplace and consider visitor-friendly neighborhoods, like Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah, or Dubai Marina. 

Familiarize yourself with the cost of living and set up a budget. Get comprehensive insurance and register for the necessary health coverage. Pack lightly, take only the essentials, and get a reliable moving company to help you move your things to Dubai beforehand. 

  • Adapt to the Emirati Lifestyle

Adjusting to the Emirati lifestyle may seem simple, but you should be conscious that you are not going there simply to spend some days. As a teacher, you will come in contact with many people often, and your conduct will also impact people’s opinions about you in your workspace. Be mindful of cultural differences and dress modestly. Embrace the Emirati culture and lifestyle with an open heart and arms to enable a great stay in the country. 

  • Build Proper Relationships with Students and Colleagues

As a TEFL teacher, your life does not end in the classroom. So, endeavor to build meaningful relationships with your students, colleagues, and the community. Learn the basics of the Arabic Language to fare better among others. Communicate concisely and respectably. Ensure your students feel valued in your presence. Collaborate and share ideas with your colleagues. 

Participate in faculty meetings, workshops, and training sessions to stay abreast of best practices in your field and the career space as a whole. 


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Dubai is an endearing opportunity. With the huge pay and great working opportunities, the world is at Dubai’s TEFL teachers’ fingertips. 

Therefore, many people constantly seek out these opportunities. However, not everyone goes about it the right way, making it seem impossible. You can make this article your starting point to explore TEFL teaching opportunities in the UAE.

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