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The best beach escapes for TEFL teachers in Vietnam

Anyone setting their compass for Southeast Asia is sure to have beaches on their mind. And while it’s the kohs of Thailand and the shimmering isles of Cambodia that often hit the headlines, TEFL teachers in Vietnam need not worry – there are plenty of places to wow the wanderlust and sate that pining for…read on


Amazing places you have to visit when teaching English in Portugal

Ah Portugal – capping off Europe in style, this Iberian nation is a real tempter. Splintered by cloud-shattering volcanos and fringed with daffodil-tinted beaches, it’s a wild and wonderful place to be based. Most people teaching English in Portugal will be in cities like Lisbon and Porto, which are jewels in their own right, coming…read on


An area guide for English teachers in Tokyo

Whether you’re looking for an exciting corner of town to live in or just want to get your bearings for that morning commute, this area guide for English teachers in Tokyo ranges across the fizzing, electrifying metropolis at the heart of Japan so you don’t have to. It’s got info on the historic center of…read on


Amazing nature escapes for English teachers in Poland

Yes, teaching English in Poland promises to whisk you away to some seriously fairy-tale cities. There’s Krakow, topped by medieval castles and haunting Gothic church spires. There’s Warsaw, its reconstructed Old Town spreading out on the side of the Vistula like something out of Cinderella. There’s Wroclaw, a town laced with centuries-old merchant’s guilds and…read on


Amazing nature escapes for English teachers in China

t’s no secret that English teachers in China’s cityscapes can feel cut-off from nature now and then. The bright lights of Shanghai, the skyscrapers of The Bund, the buzzy business strips of Guangzhou, the sleepless markets of Beijing – it’s exciting, but where do you go for that fix of the great outdoors? Cue the…read on


5 top tips for teaching English to adults

Anyone who’s spent time teaching English to adults will be the first to tell you that it can be a whole different beast to dealing with younger learners. That’s not to say its necessarily more difficult, but there are some nuances you should know about, and some approaches you can take to make things more…read on


Questions to ask in your TEFL interview

You might think that TEFL interview is all about being quizzed. But what if we told you it was a chance for you to do some quizzing, too? Yes sir, there’s certainly something to be said for looking at that dreaded Q&A session in your prospective school as an opportunity; a chance to see what…read on


7 affordable TEFL destinations

Every newly qualified teacher dreams of bagging that perfect job in an amazing place, where you can save and explore both at the same time. To make all that a little easier to secure, the list below should help. It runs through just a few of the world’s most affordable TEFL destinations, which can free…read on


How to ace that TEFL observation class

As if the stress of lesson planning and prepping your intros, outlining teaching goals and marking those exams isn’t enough, some schools will throw a curve ball into the mix now and then. Beware the dreaded TEFL observation class. It’s a time when the powers that be – your head of school, the higher ups,…read on


Companies that hire non-native TEFL teachers online

One of the most common questions that would-be TEFL teachers ask is whether it’s possible to bag the best jobs without being officially a ‘native’ speaker. The answer is a resounding yes! Of course, you’ll need to have a native-level grasp of the English language, but you don’t have to be born in Kensington upon…read on

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