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How to ace that TEFL observation class

As if the stress of lesson planning and prepping your intros, outlining teaching goals and marking those exams isn’t enough, some schools will throw a curve ball into the mix now and then. Beware the dreaded TEFL observation class. It’s a time when the powers that be – your head of school, the higher ups,…read on


Companies that hire non-native TEFL teachers online

One of the most common questions that would-be TEFL teachers ask is whether it’s possible to bag the best jobs without being officially a ‘native’ speaker. The answer is a resounding yes! Of course, you’ll need to have a native-level grasp of the English language, but you don’t have to be born in Kensington upon…read on


6 steps to getting a TEFL certificate

So, you’re thinking about getting a TEFL certificate? Great choice. You’re going to embark on a whole new adventure, which could whisk you away to the UFO-like skyscrapers of Taipei or be your ticket to coconut-peppered beaches in Colombia, not to mention a whole load more places in between. And you’ll be following a well-recognized…read on


Amazing places to visit when teaching English in Hungary

Hungary might not be up there with everyone’s first-choice of TEFL destination, but boy is it a hidden jewel. Set in the very midst of Central Europe, it’s got a rich history wrapped up with the great Hapsburg dynasty – it was once the epicenter of a mighty empire. On top of that, you can…read on



By: Rayna Abernethy     Let’s face it, Shanghai in the summer can be a sweaty mess; especially for a cold loving Canadian like myself. When July rolls around, ice cream and sleeping in front of the air conditioner can only do so much. If you’re looking to escape the Shanghai summer melt, or are…read on


Ways to score cheap flights to TEFL destinations

Once you’ve bagged that 120-hour course, zeroed in on the job you want, scored an interview, and started prepping for the big departure day, the attention soon turns to the practicalities of leaving behind your old life for a new adventure. More often than not, for a would-be teacher, that means getting on the hunt…read on


Destinations for online TEFL teachers with speedy internet and more

There are a few features that location-independent tutors will look for in the crème-de-la-crème of destinations for online TEFL teachers. Internet being quick and accessible is numero uno, of course. But then there’s cost of living, climate, local cuisine, café culture – the list goes on. The curated selection below reveals a just few of…read on

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