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5 ways the Coronavirus is affecting TEFL

There’s no denying it – Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. It’s changed the way we live, work and play. It’s shutdown entire cities and affected virtually all walks of life. The TEFL industry is no different. There are some pretty hefty alterations afoot in the land of English teaching. This list touches on…read on


Things you have to see when teaching English in Beijing

So, you’re teaching English in Beijing? Congrats. You’re living and working in one of the world’s most buzzing metropolises. There are neon-lit shopping malls the size of football fields. There are atmospheric streets laden with teashops and sizzling noodle stalls. You’ll find colossal monuments cast in concrete, and others gilded with dynastic dragons. Oh, and…read on


5 ways to market yourself as an online TEFL teacher

It might be going from strength to strength as an industry, but the world of the online TEFL teacher is still a competitive one. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to teach their next English class from a hammock in Belize or beneath a palm tree in Bali? Cue this guide to getting your house…read on


8 reasons you should TEFL in your 30s

So, you’re thinking about undertaking a TEFL in your 30s? Go for it! Seriously, there might be no better decade of life to start considering a career change into the world of teaching English abroad. Why? Well, lots of reasons. From the added confidence that having navigated your 20s brings to the table to the…read on


6 ways to be a true TEFL professional

Show you’re a true TEFL professional by following the top tips below. They cover everything from bagging the right certificate to keeping your industry presence digital and accessible. Each is sure to up your game, get those applications extra efficient, and make you look and feel more the part in the world of teaching English…read on


5 signs that you’re taking a reputable TEFL course

Making sure you score a reputable TEFL course is super important. That’s not just because you’ll want to finish with a certificate that’s recognized around the globe, but also because you want to ensure you learn as much as you can before standing in front of a class of English learners. These pointers should help…read on


8 reasons you have to teach English in Spain

So, you’re considering heading off to teach English in Spain? Excelente! There’s hardly a better place to ply the TEFL trade if you’re into stunning mountain ranges, fresh farm-to-table foods, age-old traditions, grand palaces, and gorgeous beaches. Really…      The food   Don’t be fooled into thinking that Spanish cuisine is just paella and…read on


10 reasons Europe and TEFL are a match made in heaven

There are more reasons why Europe and TEFL are a match made in heaven than you can shake a pile of tomato-topped tagliatelle at. We’ve only got time for 10 of them, but perhaps you’ll be reaching for the passport, the beret, and the beach gear by the end…      The food   From…read on


Amazing places you have to see when teaching English in Sri Lanka

The so-called Teardrop of India is a stunner of a South Asian destination. Packed with mist-haloed mountains and glimmering beaches, it’s a perennial favourite of the holiday crowd. But you can also score jobs teaching English in Sri Lanka, or simply hop over from one of countless TEFL destinations in the region to explore some…read on


Rebuilding Kliyu: The Unveiling

Guest post by Ashley Mathews from Trek To Teach       The clouds were gray but the weather couldn’t hide the students excitement for the opening of their new multi purpose school building. Manish Chaudhry, the leader of the Kliyu rebuilding project, traveled to Kliyu on his eleventh bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara…read on

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