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What’s the best time of year to do my TEFL job search?

Good question.   But before we get stuck in, let’s get one thing straight: The TEFL job search is a year-round pursuit. No matter where you want to go, what school you want to teach in, what city you’re aiming for, there’s always a chance a position will pop up. What’s more, getting your resume…read on


10 of the most Instagrammable TEFL destinations out there

Instagram is up there with Google Maps and Uber as one of the indispensable travel apps of the 21st century. These days, every corner of every jungle, every gushing waterfall and glimmering tropical beach is a potential snap with potential likes. This list is intended to help any budding teachers find the most Instagrammable TEFL…read on


10 of the hottest TEFL destinations for 2020

Another year, another roster of up-coming TEFL destinations.   Move over Thailand. Make way Vietnam. There are some fresh kids on the English-learning block that offer something a little different. Of course, we’re still huge fans of the tried-and-tested oldies (Koh Samui’s beaches and the buzz of Ho Chi Minh City see to that). It’s…read on


5 great ways to organize your TEFL classroom

Loads is written about teaching methods, teaching games, lead-in activities, and disciplinary techniques. But what about when the time comes to actually organize your TEFL classroom? There you stand; 12 desks and umpteen chairs, a class of unruly kids waiting outside the door. Just how do you expect to place them, and will it affect the way…read on


Hot destinations for digital nomads in 2020

You’ve ditched the nine-to-five. You’ve broken out of the comfort zone. You’ve scored that 120-hour TEFL qualification. Now it’s time to embrace the life of a digital nomad. We’ve all heard (and seen, thanks to Instagram) tales of these fabled location independents. They fling open laptops and work from a hammock. They do yoga to…read on


8 places English teachers in Japan should be sure to visit

If you’re lucky enough to have scored a TEFL position in the land of Shinto shrines and sushi, and count yourself among the English teachers in Japan, this list is a must-read. It takes you through snow-capped mountains and into buzzing city districts. It bathes in hot springs and meets monkeys in the bamboo groves.…read on


Life of a myTEFL Intern in Myanmar

With the world shrinking at the rate it is today, it can be hard for adventurers to find places that are truly “wild” and relatively undisturbed by western civilization.   One such place is Myanmar. Only recently has this majestic land opened up to foreigners and our Teach in Myanmar Internship is a great way…read on


5 markets to know when teaching in Bangkok

So, you’re off teaching in Bangkok? Fantastic! This is one bucket-list cityscape. It pulses with life. It’s gilded with golden Buddhist shrines. And it has some of the most taste-bud-tingling food on the globe! What’s more, the markets and bazaars of Bangkok can rival any on the planet. There are oodles of them across the…read on

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