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Top things to see and do when teaching English in Hanoi

In an effort to conceal just how jealous we are at anyone heading off for an adventure teaching English in Hanoi; buzzing, brilliant, sleepless Hanoi, we’ll just wax lyrical about some of the awesome things that make the capital of Nam’ such a downright great place to be. From historic mausoleums to enticing coffee shops,…read on


Things you have to do when teaching English in Madrid

So, you’ve chosen teaching English in Madrid? Good decision! This bustling, buzzing metropolis is often hailed as one of the most immersive, fun-loving, and hedonistic in all of Europe. You’ll never be short of a cerveza to sip, a flamenco to twirl, a tapa to devour, or a priceless piece of art to wonder at,…read on


7 islands to visit when teaching English in Greece

From sleepy harbors scented by grilling fish to idyllic beaches hemmed in by mountains and pine trees, rustic olive farms to soaring volcanic peaks, the islands have oodles up their sleeve to entertain anyone teaching English in Greece. Here are seven we think you simply must venture to:     Crete   If you’re teaching…read on


5 activities to kick-start that Hong Kong TEFL journey

So, you’re starting a Hong Kong TEFL journey? Wahoo! There really is nowhere else quite like this immersive, buzzing, sleepless, skyscraper-spiked metropolis on the very cusp of China and the South China Sea. It’s bound to enchant and excite, albeit in its own heady, horse-racing, high-peaked way. Here are some tips for getting out there…read on


8 reasons Hoi An is the best TEFL destination in Vietnam

Paint-peeling mansions hide between bougainvillea-strewn tailor boutiques in the heart of old Hoi An. They converge on incense-smoking temples and cup-clinking coffee houses where the scents of highland brews twist and turn, mingling with the smells of bubbling noodle broths and the fumes that issue from the ritualistic tea lights on the Thu Bon River.…read on


5 Reasons to Teach English in Indonesia

Indonesia, at glance, might look like any other tropical South East Asian country, with its beautiful beaches, exotic foods and friendly people. However, there is much more to this nation than meets the initial eye. Indonesia is a vast country with 16,056 islands, providing a wealth of diversity. It also means there are large areas…read on


The sights and attractions to see when teaching English in Manila

Manila is the buzzing, beating heart of the Philippines. Heading here means dispensing of the cotton-white beaches and the shimmering lagoons of places like Palawan and Boracay. It means delving into a throbbing, modern metropolis that’s home to more than 22 million people, witnessing remnants of Spanish colonialism, sizzling Chinatown districts, sleepless markets, and oodles…read on


The most beautiful places to visit when teaching English in Chile

There’s no question that teaching English in Chile is a ticket to some of South America’s most beautiful spots. From needle-like mountains to creaking glaciers, glowing beaches to snow-topped volcanos, this list of the country’s must-sees is sure to have something that can tickle the wanderlust and get you out of the classroom.    …read on

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