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Amazing places to visit when teaching English in Hungary

Hungary might not be up there with everyone’s first-choice of TEFL destination, but boy is it a hidden jewel. Set in the very midst of Central Europe, it’s got a rich history wrapped up with the great Hapsburg dynasty – it was once the epicenter of a mighty empire. On top of that, you can…read on


Destinations for online TEFL teachers with speedy internet and more

There are a few features that location-independent tutors will look for in the crème-de-la-crème of destinations for online TEFL teachers. Internet being quick and accessible is numero uno, of course. But then there’s cost of living, climate, local cuisine, café culture – the list goes on. The curated selection below reveals a just few of…read on


Amazing places to visit when teaching English in Austria

Teaching English in Austria might not be as mainstream as hitting the classroom in Thailand, or even Europe’s own Italy and France, but there’s still room for TEFL grads to come to the erstwhile epicentre of the Habsburg empire. There are loads of reasons you might be magnetized to this corner of the continent, whether…read on


Amazing places to visit when teaching English in Slovakia

So, you’ve bagged a job teaching English in Slovakia? Not bad. You might not know it yet, but this swathe of Central Europe is an eye-wateringly beautiful place. Medieval castles tower overhead in both the capital and the countryside, there are ice-caked mountains to scramble up, and hearty highland towns with fire-warmed taverns. Let’s get…read on


The prettiest towns to visit when teaching English in Mexico

So, you’re teaching English in Mexico? Great choice. Sloshing Caribbean waves and roaring Pacific surf give way to high volcanos and dusty agave cacti fields in this wondrous nation. And between the lot are some seriously stunning towns and cities, some of which you simply can’t miss:      Guanajuato   Guanajuato really is a…read on


The top TEFL destinations in South America

In a flurry of tango dresses and ancient Incan artworks, creaking glaciers and roaring surf swells, TEFL destinations in South America allure and entice. It’s an up-coming part of the globe on the teaching scene; one that’s not as developed as our beloved Thailand, or as booming as China, for example. That said, there are…read on


A weekend itinerary when teaching English in Krakow

 So, you’re heading off to Poland’s second city for a spot of teaching English in Krakow? Congratulations! Or, gratulacje, as the locals might say. With its cobbled Old Town area and bohemian Kazimierz district, medieval church spires and smoky jazz bars, there’s all sorts to get stuck into in this UNESCO-tagged destination. This weekend itinerary…read on


A weekend itinerary when teaching English in Phnom Penh

A city that’s striking, sobering, exciting, and bursting with energy all at the same time, the Cambodian capital has become a much-loved Southeast Asian destination for TEFL grads. In fact, teaching English in Phnom Penh can garner salaries of up to $16 USD/hour, though it’s surely the uber-welcoming khmer people, the spicy cuisine, and the…read on


An area guide for Beijing English teachers

The sprawling, buzzing energy of the Chinese capital draws hundreds of Beijing English teachers every year. They come for the abundance of jobs in reputable state and private schools (with salaries of up to $3,900 USD/month, mind you) and the low-cost of living. But most of all, they come for the lemongrass-infused noodles, the Peking…read on

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