10 top places to teach English in Europe this summer

So you’ve decided to go and teach English in Europe this summer? Woohoo! You won’t regret that one. With everything from the soft undulations of the Tuscan hills to the scintillating beaches of the Turkish Riviera, the wild woods of the German Rhineland to the snow-tipped Alps on the menu, it’s sure to be an experience like no other. Here are just 10 of the top continental destinations we at myTEFL can recommend…


Teach English in Europe
Benidorm Spain | © Stephen/Flickr


  1. Spain

It doesn’t take a genius to realize why Spain is such a chart-topper amongst the destinations to teach English in Europe during summertime. For starters, there are oodles of places to go, from the stone-clad districts of Madrid to the throbbing tapas bars of Sevilla. There are also sparkling beaches (with virtually guaranteed sun) along the south side of Andalusia, beautiful palm-fringed islands to enjoy, and rugged mountains in the Sierra Nevada. Oh, and more summer camps than you can shake a smoked Iberian ham at!


Teach English in Europe
Sea view. Rovinj, Croatia | © Andrey/Flickr


  1. Croatia

From the historic majesty of Dubrovnik in the south to the olive-clad hills of the Istrian Peninsula in the north, Croatia is packed with great summertime TEFL opportunities. There are holiday language camps on the edge of the sparkling pebble-peppered shores of Dalmatia, and there’s usually loads of private tuition positions in cities like Zagreb (a really interesting capital) and Split too. Just don’t forget the swimming trunks for this one!


Teach English in Europe
Italy | © JRF/Live Krakow


  1. Italy

Whether you come for the cushiony Neapolitan pizza or the breathtaking wonders of the fabled Eternal City, the snow-topped peaks of the Alps in the north or the scorched beaches of Sicily in the south, there’s no question that Italy promises to be one of the top places to teach English in Europe this summer. Aside from seeing wonders like the Colosseum and St Mark’s Square, you’ll get great wine, high salary rates (think around $1,700 USD/month) and arguably the best climate in the Med: hot, sunny and healthy.


Krakow, Poland | © JRF/LiveKrakow
Krakow, Poland | © JRF/LiveKrakow


  1. Poland

For some silly reason, Poland has a reputation for drab weather and snow. And while there is certainly loads of the white stuff in the colder months of the year, the summers here are always hot and humid. Add to that an array of private schools, young person’s camps, intensive business English courses and more, all taking place between May and September, along with the soaring castles of Krakow and the buzzing modernism of Warsaw, and you’ve got yourself a pretty darn awesome place to teach English in Europe!


Teach English in Europe
London | © Pedro Szekely/Flickr


  1. UK

Okay, okay, we know: you didn’t do that TEFL course just to stay in an English-speaking country, right? But just hear us out…With oodles of foreign language schools opening to help immigrants from Europe and further afield integrate into day-to-day life in England, Wales and Scotland, there are actually loads of opportunities for the language teacher here. What’s more, the pay is really good, you get to explore bucket-list cities like London, and you can enjoy many of the same home comforts you’re used to. Oh, and it doesn’t rail all that much in the British summer.


Teach English in Europe
Watzmann und Hochkalter, Bavaria | © Sven Hunger/Flickr


  1. Germany

Germany is a perennial favorite for TEFL grads looking to teach English in Europe for some time in the summer months. Why? Well, this huge country is a popular place for international organizations to set-up their language camps (probably due to its accessibility for students coming from all over the continent). That means there are loads of opportunities, all of which are only bolstered by the presence of the Bavarian Alps, the English Gardens of Munich, cool and boho Berlin, the beautiful Rhineland – the list goes on!


Teach English in Europe
Prague | © Roman Boed/Flickr


  1. Czech Republic

Occupying the very middle of Central Europe, the Czech Republic remains something of an off-the-beaten-track TEFL destination. We can’t tell why. There are plenty of jobs, salaries can hit as much as $1,200 USD/month (which is very decent in these parts), and there are some seriously awesome places. We’re talking the enchanting Gothic Old Town of Prague, churches made of bones in Kutna Hora, majestic castles in Cesky Krumlov, tales of Kafka, and – of course – some of the best beer on the planet!


Teach English in Europe
#Turkey | © Hyeong Seok Kim/Flickr


  1. Turkey

If you’ve opted to teach in Europe this summer because you’re pining for a dose of Mediterranean sun, then there’s arguably nowhere better to go than Turkey. Look for a position that comes with accommodation as part of the package (it’s widely considered to be one of the more difficult aspects of coming to work here), and then just get ready for the whirlwind of sights that meets between the mosque spires of Istanbul, the shimmering beaches of the Turquoise Coast, the ruins of Ephesus and the bubbling hot springs of Pamukkale to name just some of the top draws.   


Teach English in Europe
Porto | © cat_collector/Flickr


  1. Portugal

Kissed by the roaring rollers of the Atlantic Ocean and blessed with everything from rugged mountains to pearly beaches, Portugal promises to be a summertime TEFL destination to remember. Most teachers will settle in the cities of Lisbon or Porto. The former offers awesome palaces and grand monuments left over from the Age of Discovery, while the latter has mouthwatering cuisine and the beautiful vistas of the River Douro valley.


Teach English in Europe
Carcassonne, France | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr


  1. France

Last but not least comes the TEFL mainstay of Western Europe. Yep, you might not think it from their passionate love of their very own ‘language of love’, but the people of France have one of the highest percentages of English learners going. That means you’ll almost certainly be able to find short-term work as a tutor or camp teacher in the country during the summer months. And boy what treasures await, whether that’s the totemic sights of Paris or the fairy-tale chateaux of the Loire Valley!



Are you a veteran TEFL teacher who’s spent the summer months on the continent? We’d love to hear your suggestions for the top European destinations in the comments below. Or, if you want more info on places to teach in Europe, be sure to check out our very own destinations page

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