Turkey is a country with amazing diversity. Each region holds distinct culture, practices, history and beliefs. The country is intersected by Europe and Asia, creating an interesting juxtaposition of culturally mixing and clashing. The people are extremely friendly to foreigners, and the geography is stunning and varied. Traveling through Turkey is an experience one will never forget.


Most of the jobs tend to be located in urban centres such as Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara. There are many jobs available, especially if you hold a bachelor degree and a good TEFL certificate. The salary is decent, although cost of living is high. EFL teachers will most likely break even in this country with little savings. The average salary for an EFL position is $1000 – $1250US per month.

EFL Turkey, TESOL Turkey, Turkey ESL, Living in Turkey, get TEFL certified in Turkey

$1000 – $1250 USD p/m

EFL Turkey, TESOL Turkey, Turkey ESL, Living in Turkey, get TEFL certified in Turkey


EFL Turkey, TESOL Turkey, Turkey ESL, Living in Turkey, get TEFL certified in Turkey


Securing a TEFL Position in Turkey

While positions can be occasionally be landed over the internet and telephone, it is best to apply in person in Turkey. Many schools prefer to meet a candidate in person before offering a position. Dress professionally; bring original copies of degrees and certificates, and if possible bring along a portfolio of prior lesson plans. If you don’t have experience, you can still create a few demonstration plans so the hiring manager can see you are a serious candidate.

The peak hiring times are in August/September and December/January. One thing to bear in mind is the difficulty a foreigner can have in securing accommodations. It is strongly recommended to only accept a position in which the employer either provides accommodation, or guarantees assistance in securing it. Also, commute times in big cities can be a nightmare. Try and ensure your place of residence is close enough to the school, or else you might regret it later on!


Getting certified to teach in Turkey

If you want to start a life of teaching English in Turkey, you’ll need to take the first step and get TEFL certified. This online qualification can be completed in 120 hours and gives you the training and know-how required by top schools in Turkey, and around the world.

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