Paid Teach in China Internship

Teach in China

MyTEFL Internship

No degree? No worries!

Teach in China

Paid TEFL Internship


Teach and travel in this dynamic country which has experienced tremendous social and economical growth over the past 30 years. From the gleaming glass and steel skyscrapers in Beijing, the pulsing nightlife of Shanghai, to the stunning beauty of Jiu Zhai Gou and the rural monasteries nestled high up in the mountains of Wu Tai Shan, China caters to all tastes.

Our 5 month Teach in China program is a great option for TEFLers without a university degree and teaching experience. Upon completing our 120 Hour Online TEFL course, you’ll be able to jet out to Chengdu to join other intern teachers from around the world. In Chengdu, you’ll take part in an Orientation which will include useful information on teaching in China, cultural classes, mandarin lessons, and much more.

After completing the Orientation program, you will be placed in a teaching position where you will develop and hone your skills in a real classroom. As an intern, you will receive a monthly stipend and an end of program flight bonus.

China Beckons!

Here's a run down of what comes with your paid Teach in China internship:

  • 8 Day Orientation Program in Chengdu
  • 4-5 Month Teaching Placement with all accommodations included
  • A monthly stipend of approximately $300 USD
  • End of contract bonus of $250 USD
  • Full in country support for the duration of the program

If you are interested in joining our paid Teach in China Internship, contact us or request a callback.

  • 120 Hour myTEFL certificate
  • Fluent in English
  • CA, US, UK, SA, AU or NZ passport
Not Required
  • Teaching Experience
  • A university or college degree
  • A Second Language

Ready to go?

Are you ready to take a trip of a life time? Our internships have a limited number of spaces available and fill up fast, so make sure to book your spot in advance.

Teach in China

Paid TEFL Internship

Details Pre-Trip
  • Complete your 120 Hour Online TEFL course
  • Complete a CRC
  • Apply for your visa (with paperwork from China)
  • Make sure your vaccines are up to date
  • Purchase insurance
  • Purchase a plane ticket
  • Pack your bags!
Arrival & Accommodations

You will be met at the Chengdu airport and taken to your accommodations to settle in. You will be staying with other teaching interns from around the world, all of whom will be completing the Orientation program with you.


Once settled in, you will begin your one week Orientation program with other TEFL certified interns. This is a great time to explore the area with fellow teachers, check out some of the culture Chengdu has to offer (temples, hutongs, art districts etc), and sample some of the many fabulous cuisines available!

The Orientation includes a welcome dinner and an introduction to your internship program in China. You will spend the rest of the time covering practical living and teaching in China tips, cultural topics and issues, Mandarin lessons, a tour through Beijing, and a free day to explore the city with your new friends.


At the end of your Orientation, you will depart to the school you will be teaching in for the next 4-5 months. The schools are a mix of private and public. Your time will be spent preparing lessons, checking homework, counseling students, taking part in school functions, and conducting classes (generally interns will hold 15 hours of classes per week).

Post Program

All interns will receive a letter of recommendation outlining the training you have received, and the teaching experience you have accumulated. This will go a long way when applying for future teaching positions anywhere in the world! Many of our graduates choose to travel throughout SE Asia after completing their internship program, while others decide to stay in China and start a full-time teaching position.

Teach in China

Paid TEFL Internship

Date & Prices

Email us ( to secure your space in a program. When you make the request, you will be required to submit your CV, cover letter, recent photo, and scans of your passport, degree and TEFL

Please note: The visa fee is borne by the intern and is between $200 - $260.

Start Date: Price:
Feb 17th, 2017 FREE for Mytefl grads
Aug 15th, 2017 FREE for Mytefl grads

  • Pre-Departure Preparation Assistance
  • Airport Pickup & Transfers from Chengdu
  • 8 Day Orientation Program in Chengdu
  • Cultural Activities & Excursions
  • All Accommodations
  • Most Meals
  • Job Placement with Monthly Stipend Guarantee
  • End of Internship Bonus
  • 24/7 on the Ground Assistance in China
  • Full in-country support
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