7 stunning TEFL destinations in the spring

The flowers are about to bloom and the winter snows are falling away. So, we think it’s high time to focus in on some of the top TEFL destinations in the spring. These are the places that we think are going to look lovely and prove downright enthralling in the next few months. There’s certainly a good mix, what with exotic East Asian nations next to tropical paradises in Central America. Let’s begin…


No list of the best TEFL destinations in the spring could possibly skip Japan. This is the home of the world-famous cherry blossom. Come mid-April, the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto bloom in a burst of pink trees. It’s known all around the planet and draws in thousands of photo-snapping tourists. But, as a teacher, you should be able to escape the crowds and find some more off-the-beaten-track spots to witness the wonderful natural phenomenon. Tempted? Check out the Kii Mountains, the Fuji Five Lakes under Mount Fuji, and the northern isle of Hokkaido, where there might even still be some snow on the peaks!

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Italy is simply divine in the springtime. Around about late March, the wetter weeks on The Boot start to recede and the balmy climate of the Mediterranean takes over once again. By May, you’re looking at long days of temperatures firmly in the 70s, especially if you head south to the sun-blasted isle of Sicily. Up north, you can hike the Alps with hardly another soul around. That’s actually a cracking place to aim for because it happens to be a hotspot for summer TEFL camps, so you can put feelers out for potential employers later on in the year. Oh, and Rome is also fantastic in the spring, offering UNESCO sites and history but without the tourist hordes.

Costa Rica

Spring in Costa Rica marks the transition from the dry season (when most people come) to the so-called Green Season (the wet season that sees the rainforests come to life). It’s a great period for two types of travelers: Wildlife lovers and surfers. The first get to enjoy the overload of biodiversity that’s on display in places like Monteverde and Manuel Antonio. The latter can hit the beaches of Santa Teresa or Nosara for waves that are gaining strength and size.

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Intrepid travelers looking to do a springtime TEFL session might want to set their sights on the wild lands of Nepal. Capping off India to the north, this nation is the home of the mightiest mountain chain on Earth: The Himalaya. May happens to be the first of the major trekking seasons there and is perfect for seeking out wildflower blooms and meadows high up in the Annapurna and Khumbu ranges. Just be sure to pack the walking boots!


Argentina is a massive country, so we’ll stop short of saying it’s all amazing in the spring months. There are some regions that really hit their stride in March and April, though. They include the rolling pampas and peaks of the Mendoza wine area, where you should be able to join in with the grape harvest and tasting sessions (once you’re done with your lessons for the day, of course!). For hikers, the Argentine Lake District is also at its best. That area offers craggy mountains and hiking around glistening waters. Of course, it’s actually autumn down here, not spring – everything’s flipped in the Southern Hemisphere.

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As the cold, cold winters of the Korean Peninsula drop away, a buzz descends over the cities, all the way from Seoul to Busan. The parks burst into life, there are cherry blossoms decorating the old Joseon palaces, and there might even be a chance to hit the beaches of the southern coast. However, the true pull of this East Asian country come spring has to be the mountains. It’s high time for hiking in Seoraksan and Bukhansan, there are hot springs to laze in, and summit-top temples to explore.

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The Caribbean

We’ve slipped this one in for the online TEFL teachers out there. The Caribbean is just about perfect in the spring months. It’s the tail end of the main tourist time, so you don’t get such huge crowds of snowbirds clogging up the sands of Negril, Ocho Rios, and Eleuthera. What’s more, the storms of summer haven’t yet hit in earnest, so hurricanes shouldn’t be worry numero uno. On top of that, loads of countries here – the Bahamas, Antigua & Barbuda – have started offering digital nomad visas that mean you can stay for longer without thinking about the paperwork.

Have you got any more fantastic TEFL destinations in the spring to add to this list? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Or, if you’re ready to get TEFL qualified, be sure to check out our courses page today.

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