7 TEFL destinations that look stunning in the fall

Fall in the Northern Hemisphere means it’s time for leaves to drop off the trees and the temperatures to dip. But not everywhere. Thailand is just entering its peak time, while Mexico is cool and welcoming. Basically, there are stacks of fantastic TEFL destinations that look stunning in the fall that you might just want to have on the radar this season…


Thailand…in the fall? Well…the truth is that the Land of Smiles doesn’t really have a fall. But autumn here does mark the transition between the rainy season and the dry season. By mid-November you’re usually looking at cloudless days of pure sunshine in the southwest of the country. That means islands like Koh Lipe and Koh Lanta are at their finest, and the crowds of the proper high season haven’t’ arrived yet. You can spend your days lazing on palm-threaded beaches or diving in the coral reefs, when you’re not teaching, of course!


Mexico is a big place, so we’re going to stop short of recommending the ­whole country. In fact, we’d say steer clear of the beaches of Cancun and the Yucatan in the fall, as it can be stormy towards the end of the hurricane season. Move to Mexico City, though, and wow do things get good. Sat at a cooling 2,240 meters above sea level, the metropolis is a warm but not-too-warm 74-76 most days. It’s also riddled with lovely color-changing trees, like jacarandas and beeches. You could also scoot over to the Pacific Coast. It’s just before high season on the Riviera Nayarit but the weather’s a sub-tropical 70-80 and the surf is really picking up.


We’ve got a whole lot of love for Italy in the fall. Well…to be honest, we’ve got a whole lot of love for Italy no matter the time of the year. But there’s something special about the months between September and November, when the big tourist crowds return home and the wooded Prealps start turning shades of orange and yellow. If you’re not one for the autumn vibes, you could also head south to Sicily, where it’s warmer for longer. Foodies should consider Tuscany, which has harvest festivals filled with truffles and rich red wines.

South Korea

South Korea has long been a favorite of TEFL teachers on the hunt for well-paid and stable employment. It can back that up with some seriously stunning hinterland, which looks positively gorgeous when the fall colors hit in October. It’s generally accepted that the autumn is the best time to go hiking in SK, too. So, be sure to pack the boots, because the jagged peaks of the Seoraksan National Park and the ridges of the Woraksan National Park are a real wonder to explore.

Hong Kong

The autumn in Hong Kong is short lived. In fact, it only lasts one month. Yep, a mere 30 days. It hits in November and things are cooling down by the start of December to usher in winter. But that single month is often hailed as the single best time of year in HKG. The locals love it because the thermometers read an almost-constant 73 F, while the sea temperatures sit at a neat 68. We’d recommend looking to escape the big city to hike the Dragon’s Back Trail and have a plunge in Big Wave Bay!


The locals in Poland call it Złota Polska Jesień – the Golden Polish Autumn. The reason? This heavily forested nation starts changing colors in spectacular form when the fall hits. Things start in September and roll over into October, as the tall trees in Warsaw’s vast Łazienki Park and Krakow’s lovely Planty Park blaze in hues of brilliant yellow. But ditching the city is a better choice if you ask us, because the sylvan valleys of the Tatra Mountains around Zakopane are sure to be prettier!


Things are still likely to be hot in Oman in autumn. But don’t let that put you off. This one has a deserved place on our list of 7 TEFL destinations that look stunning in the fall because it really does look stunning. Check out the rugged hiking paths of Jebel Shams if you’re feeling adventurous. Or, head to the pomegranate plantations of the gorgeous Jebel Akhdar (try the juice!). And if that’s still not enough, the cumin-colored beaches of Ras Al Jinz in the east of the country become a hotspot for nesting turtles in September.

This list of 7 TEFL destinations that look stunning in the fall is really just scratching the surface of what’s on offer to travelers looking to get on the road in September and October. If you have any to add, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Alternatively, get over to our courses page and start your TEFL qualification right away…

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