4 Benefits of Being a Home-based English Teacher

Guest post by 51Talk

The Internet, along with other technological advancements, has opened the doors for innovation and endless possibilities for business, entertainment, and education. Moreover, it enables people to find, access, and use the information they need in an instant, no matter where they are. 

Individuals also use it primarily as a means of communication. People across the globe can now connect in real-time via messaging and video call applications.

Because of this increasing connectivity that the Internet brings to homes and workplaces, it is now also used as an avenue to support and innovate education. Virtual learning makes it possible for educators, especially online English teachers, to teach in the comfort of their home. This modality of learning is also helpful to learners of all ages, as proved by recent research by Gallup showing that 63% of high school students and 64% of middle school students in the U.S. use digital learning tools daily.

Schools and learning institutions are venturing into virtual learning as an excellent alternative to classroom-based learning, especially in the current situation wherein large physical gatherings are discouraged. 

With the ongoing pandemic, virtual classes have become prevalent and mandatory in such a short time, and both learners and educational institutions are encouraged to further explore this option to continue education. 

As a result, virtual learning is expected to continue to gain predominance in the education sector. Forbes projected that the global eLearning market will gain a total of $325 billion worth of market value by 2025.

This is good news for teachers as well as English language instructors who are looking for opportunities despite this seemingly bleak period. English schools and online platforms are leveraging the Internet to teach online continuously.

Holding online lessons will definitely be different from the usual physical instruction you are used to, but there are amazing benefits you can enjoy with being a home-based English teacher, such as the following:

#1: You are in control of your time.

When you teach English from home, you can choose the time slots you want to open for booking during the peak hours specified by the platform you are teaching with. You can also determine how many classes you want to give in a day, as long as you will be able to meet the required teaching hours.

This flexibility enables you to create a healthy work-life balance. You won’t have to deal with long hours of a commute to and from work, and you can use these precious hours to bond with your family instead. Additionally, you can earn income at home at the same time so you won’t have to expose yourself during this outbreak, nor would you have to leave your family or loved ones who need you the most. 

#2: You can hone your abilities online.

If you don’t have a background in English teaching or are simply looking for ways to improve your skill set, several websites and platforms offer training programs to refine your TEFL or TESL skills. However, take note that most certification programs you will find online require a fee to enroll.

Moreover, there are language institutions and online platforms that provide their teachers with online training programs and free certifications to help them grow in their career. All you have to do is to grab these opportunities!  

With all of these readily available resources, you can start your teaching career online while easily sharpening your skills.

#3: You interact with learners from different cultures and backgrounds without the expense of traveling.

Some people may not have the privilege to travel around the globe due to financial constraints. Some, on the other hand, prefer a way to see the world without having to leave their family. It is because of these considerations that online English teaching becomes a convenient option for many English educators. Additionally, teaching online is the safer option today given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

When you teach ESL online, you still get to communicate and interact with learners from different backgrounds without leaving your home. Being a home-based online teacher allows you to help learners from across the world master the English language while still having time for your family and loved ones. On the other hand, it also grants you the chance to learn more about the culture of your students through your daily lessons. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

#4: You can get started conveniently and with no complications.

Applying for online teaching platforms is fast and convenient. Since everything will be done online, there is no need to travel for an interview or to process your application.

Besides the usual application requirements needed such as your résumé, some schools or learning centers may require you to present your English teaching certificate. However, don’t worry if you don’t have this yet; some companies are willing to accept and train beginner-level English teachers as long as they pass the interview and screening process. During this stage, you will usually undergo a series of interviews plus give a teaching demonstration. 

Aside from the paperwork, you must also have a high-speed computer or laptop, a stable Internet connection, and a well-functioning noise-cancelling headset with mic. These are standard requirements for online English teaching.

Due to the high demand for online teachers today, you can expect to start working relatively quickly, provided that your application process goes well.

Lead an exciting and fulfilling home-based career

From balancing work and life to growing your career, being a home-based English teacher guarantees an exciting and fulfilling experience. Furthermore, teaching for established TEFL/TESL institutions can get your career off to a solid start. For example, in 51Talk, online teaching is made convenient yet still exciting through their well-prepared lesson materials and an engaging teacher training system.  

If you value flexibility and look forward to teaching learners from different backgrounds and cultures, starting your career as a home-based English teacher may be well worth it!

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