Why TEFL for Millennials is the perfect career choice

An escape from the rat race, plenty of job opportunities, and (maybe most importantly of all) a chance to travel and see the world – there are oodles of reasons why TEFL for Millennials might just be the perfect career choice…

TEFL for Millennials
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Because Millennials love to travel

Upwards of 80 million Millennials in the United States say that that they’ve traveled in the past 12 months. That’s…all of them. So, to put that another way: 100% of Millennials have planned a trip in the last year. Now if that tells us anything, it’s that travel is a pastime of choice for pretty much everyone who still clings to that tenuous self-description of youth. And what profession do we know of that lets folk travel, perhaps even more than any other? Darn tootin’ it’s TEFL; TEFL for Millennials, tailor-made.

TEFL for Millenials
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Because it isn’t tourism!

The word “tourism” gets a bad rap these days. Conjuring images of sunburnt bodies and all-inclusive resorts, it’s come to signify the sort of way generation Y is determined not to see the world. Don’t just take our word for it though – stats reveal that as many as 78% of younger travelers are determined to have a more adventurous, authentic, local experience abroad than traditional package vacations allow. That’s important because it highlights one of the main reasons TEFL for Millennials could be the perfect choice of career: It means participating, actively, in places; working, living and sharing in the local community.

TEFL for Millennials
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Because it lets you learn as you go

It seems the thirst for knowledge is alive and well in the Millennials of today. 80% of young travelers say they want to learn something whenever they go abroad. And while that could mean mastering the ins and outs of the Thai kitchen, or getting your carving right on the ski slopes, we think it’s also a nod to the more lifelong education of getting to grips with nuanced religious customs or a different language – both central aspects of the TEFL life if ever there was any!

TEFL teaching for Millennials
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Because it’s booming

The fear of leaving college without a job hangs heavy over many an undergrad, especially post-2008 and with the onset of the global turndown. TEFL has proved itself somewhat immune to all that, though, with 1.5 billion English learners now estimated around the globe, and increases in the number of private schools from China to Colombia, Italy to France. Yep, it’s not all about sating the wanderlust and gaining meaningful experiences in spots across the planet. There’s job security here. And career progression prospects, too.

TEFL for Millenials
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Because it’s easy to get qualified

One of the best pieces of news when it comes to TEFL for Millennials is that you’ve probably already done most of the training you need to get into a classroom. You speak English, right? (Well, you’re reading this article, so that’s safe to assume.) That’s the fundamental skill that’s needed. Now all you need to get is that 120-hour certificate, one you can usually study entirely online. Alternatively, if you’re itching to get out and about, you can do your training while working – myTEFL have plenty of internship programs that get you through the necessary teacher training whilst living in awesome destinations like Thailand, China or South Africa. You don’t even need a BA degree to set the ball rolling!

If you can think of any other reasons why TEFL for Millennials is the top career choice, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Or, if you’re ready to get qualified and get your Millennial self out there and teaching, be sure to check out the courses we offer.


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