8 bucket-list experiences for TEFL teachers in Argentina

From tasting rich wines below the rugged peaks of the Andes to dancing the tango and munching steaks with cowboys, this list of chart-topping experiences is essential reading for any TEFL teachers in Argentina. Enjoy…


TEFL teachers in Argentina
Perito Moreno | © marc cornelis/Flickr


Walk the Perito Moreno Glacier


The piece de resistance of the great Los Glaciares National Park crashes through the rugged tips of the Andes in the form of a colossal ice sheet. Called the Perito Moreno Glacier, it spans a whopping 250-square-kilometers in total, all of which is slowly advancing into the altitudinous mountain lakes nearby. Donning the crampons and hiking gear and heading out to hike across the crevasse-cut top of this wonder is one of the top bucket-list attractions in the country; the perfect adrenaline-pumping activity for TEFL teachers in Argentina who want some raw adventure away from the classroom!


TEFL teachers in Argentina
Fitz Roy | © Cleide Isabel/Flickr


Hike beneath the mighty Fitz Roy


The clutch of dagger-like summits that meets on the border between Argentina and Chile in these deep, deep recesses of ice-caked Patagonia might just be some of the most recognizable in the Andes as a whole. The major peaks of the massif soar like shark fins from the earth, presenting what’s considered one of the most technical alpine climbing ascents it’s possible to do. If that’s not your sort of challenge, then no worries: there are plenty of less-demanding multi-day hikes on offer in the area all around the trekking mecca of El Chalten.


TEFL teachers in Argentina
Bariloche | © Danielle Pereira/Flickr


Go skiing in Bariloche


Hugging the cobalt-blue waters of impossibly-beautiful Lago Nahuel Huapi, deep in the mountain reaches of western Patagonia, the high-perched town of Bariloche has established itself as one of the premier skiing destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. You can make for the 120 kilometers of linked piste that carve through the Andes at Cerro Catedral for the best riding. Or, come in the summer, when the fir forests and alpine beaches shimmer under the sun.


TEFL teachers in Argentina
Iguazu Falls | © Leonora (Ellie) Enking/Flickr


Stand above the Iguazu Falls


Crashing and roaring over the border from Argentina to Brazil, the Iguazu Falls are amongst the most awesome natural sights on the globe. The tallest cataracts here clock up heights of more than 80 meters as they tumble off the Parana Plateau, with the stepped terraces of the mighty Devil’s Throat dominating the landscape. It’s this latter breathtaking section of Iguazu that you’ll be able to see clearly from the Argentinian side of the wonder, where there are also oodles of hotels and boardwalk platforms close to the town of Puerto Iguazu.


TEFL teachers in Argentina
Gaucho | © Bicentenario Uruguay/Flickr


Eat steaks with the gauchos


The gaucho is the Argentinian answer to the lone cowboy of Texas. Rough, tough and hardy folk, they’ve been farming the great plains of the South American pampas for centuries. Today, although the traditional lifestyle of the gaucho communities of Argentina is slowly fading, there are still some places where the ranching ways still dominate. You’ll have to seek out a stay in an old estancia (a gaucho farm), which will typically involve long horse rides through wilds and cattle driving workshops. Oh, and then there are the steaks – arguably the juiciest and tastiest on the planet!


TEFL teachers in Argentina
Tango | © Fabrício Marcon/Flickr


Learn to tango in Buenos Aires


It’s impossible to deny the sensual sexiness of Argentina’s national dance, what with all its theatrical twists and romantic Latin flurries. There’s nowhere better on earth to learn the art of the tango than in the home of the dance itself, so be sure to seek out one of the many workshops that take place in Buenos Aires. Once you’ve perfected your footwork, it’s time to showcase your new skills – make for the buzzing strips of Recoleta neighborhood to party the night away after dark.


TEFL teachers in Argentina
Peninsula Valdes. Argentina | © M M/Flickr


Whale watch on the Peninsula Valdes


TEFL teachers in Argentina who are eager to escape the big city on the weekend for a taste of the wild, wild natural landscapes promised by this great cut-out of South America will surely not be disappointed with a jaunt to the Peninsula Valdes. Sprayed by the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, this UNESCO-attested spit of land is inhabited by penguins and seals. The piece de resistance has to be the whale pods though, which can be seen floundering out in the swells between May and December.


TEFL Teachers in Argentina
Mendoza | © Mark Surman/Flickr


Wine tasting in Mendoza


Offering TEFL teachers in Argentina something of a more refined bucket-list activity is the beautiful Mendoza wine region. Sandwiched up between the high peaks of the Andes and the rolling plains of the lowlands, it’s home to some of the most altitudinous vineyards on the globe. The result is a unique terrior; one that is capable of creating distinct reds that are heavy in tannins and minerals. Head for the cellar doors and enjoy the award-winning Malbecs.



Are you a veteran teacher of South America? Can you think of any more bucket-list activities that might interest TEFL teachers in Argentina? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Or, are you interested in training to teach in Argentina? Check out our courses there.



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