7 great things about on-location TEFL camps

The rise of on-location TEFL camps in recent decades has been phenomenal. With more and more would-be teachers opting to ditch the sterile classroom and online learning method at home in favor of something more immersive and engaging in a place somewhere far across the globe, there are now all sorts of internship packages to choose from. MyTEFL have our own selection of courses to kick-start that teaching adventure; some in the sun-kissed isles of southern Thailand; others in the dusty cities of the African Cape. And if that’s not already got you thinking, here are even more reasons why TEFL camps are a top choice for 2017…

TEFL camps
Koh Samui | © Sarah Ackerman/Flickr

You get to meet likeminded people

One of the great things about opting for TEFL camps over more traditional online or classroom courses back at home is the company. In fact, the prospect of having to make new friends in a new destination is perhaps one of the biggest fears facing budding English teachers looking to hit the road. That’s solved by opting to do your learning as part of a group, which promises to be full of likeminded, adventurous, and outgoing people just like yourself. Yep, nothing says new friendships like a cold Chang shared over the sunsets of Koh Samui, or a group visit to see the galumphing elephants and lions of Kruger National Park!

Guaranteed teaching placements after completion

Teachers opting to train in TEFL camps can forget having to go through that often long and arduous process of finding a job after their studies. That’s because many an internship project (myTEFL’s included) come with some sort of practical placement tacked on the end. This could be anything from one month’s volunteering in local South African community schools to a whole six-month paid teaching in the rural academies of Thailand. Either way, the point is that you get to start bulking up that CV and cover letter as soon as you’re done with your grammar and vocab tutorials. Nice.

TEFL camps
Wilderness, too – South Africa | © South African Tourism/Flickr

Language and culture orientation courses

Whether it’s the confusing lingo that flies around the Beijing marketplaces or the curious cultural nuances of the Land of Smiles that’s got you muddled up, you can rest assured that a TEFL internship is a great way to break the ice and get used to the traditions and way of life in your chosen destination. That’s because most will include some sort of orientation week, which helps you get to grips with the ins and outs of life where you are. You’ll pick up handy phrases for getting your morning coffee; you’ll learn about regional customs and festivals. You’ll be acting like a local in no time!

The chance to explore while you learn

One of the great bonuses of doing an on-location TEFL camp is the prospect of being able to get out there and explore as soon as you start learning. While teachers doing courses back at home will have to wait to sample the salty breezes of the Andaman Sea or the buzzing food courts of Shanghai until they manage to nail a job there, interns have it all on the itinerary from the get-go. What’s more, because of all the new mates you’re going to be making, you’re sure to have company to explore with too!

TEFL Camps
China | © M M/Flickr

Help with admin and accommodation

The benefits of TEFL camps aren’t just about immersion, cultural orientation and company. They also cover the more practical aspects of making that move abroad. Yep, you’ll typically hand over all the responsibility for airport transfers, finding accommodation for the duration of your learning, school screening and the like to the TEFL provider, which means far less of your time spent worrying about the boring stuff and far more spent daydreaming about the sparkling beaches of the Thai Gulf, the wild fynbos hills of South Africa, the juicy gaucho steaks of Argentina – the list goes on!

The price and the money

It might seem that with all the added benefits of TEFL camps, the cost would shoot up. Not so. In fact, with typical packages starting at around $1100 USD (including your TEFL qualification itself, orientation packages and in-country support), there are plenty of affordable ones to go for. What’s more, you’ve got to offset the original price of your internship with the potential earnings of the project overall. Take myTEFL’s Thailand package, which has a 6-month placement tacked on, where the salary will typically be in the region of $800 USD per month. Nice, eh?

Experienced in-country support

Last but not least is the overwhelming level of support you’ll enjoy on a TEFL internship. There’s no jumping in the deep end here (unless it’s a sparkling lagoon on the edge of the Thai Andaman, that is). Instead, you’ll typically have dedicated teams of people working to make your transition from life at home to life on the road more comfortable. That could mean support with anything from holiday requests to job searches, lesson plans to tricky grammar, all located in the country of your studies.

There are loads more reasons why people love to take on-location TEFL camps. If you’ve done one, with myTEFL or someone else, we’d love to hear about your additions in the comments below. Or, if you’re interested in getting on an internship with us, be sure to check out the relevant pages.


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