Paid TEFL Internships

TEFL internships

Exotic teaching experiences with pay!

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A TEFL internship offers a perfect opportunity to jump-start your overseas TEFL teaching adventure - without the hassles and often without a degree. An internship is the total TEFL package: TEFL training, pre-departure support, full in country ground support and logistics, orientation programs, and teaching placements.

Why choose to go with an internship?
  • No Degree required Many TEFL positions will request either a 4 year degree, or multiple years of teaching experience. A MyTefl Internship allows you to teach immediately, and build up your resume.

  • No Teaching Experience requiredAll you need is our TEFL and a positive attitude; we'll provide the rest

  • Work & Play with other teaching interns from around the world You'll complete in country orientations and often placements with other likeminded individuals, meaning lots of shared fun, excitement, adventures and lifelong friendships.

  • Simple and Safe MyTefl does all the work, guiding you and ensuring you are in good hands every step of the way. Our teams on the ground pick you up directly from the airport, provide safe accommodation options, provide thorough orientation, and are there for 24/7 support. Placement schools are screened to ensure they meet the safety and quality standards of our programs. No hassles!