Stephanie Hamilton

Working and living in Japan is such a fun experience. I had always loved the beautiful pictures on the internet but seeing shrines, going to festivals and making friends here is completely different. The food is delicious, fresh and every prefecture specializes in something different. Im in Fukuoka where Tonkotsu ramen is famous in the country. Cherry blossom season comes and goes but a new beautiful flower always blooms shortly after. All year round is a continuous cycle of different flowers. It’s so pretty!

Everyone in this country is so helpful and courteous. I learn something new here everyday. The culture is very different from other countries and it’s so much fun learning about it. The people in Japan also really enjoy hearing about your home country too. It’s nice meeting people and sharing stories.

Teaching English in Japan is a rewarding job. I get to know so many people of all ages. While it is a very different culture, you will have help from everyone around you.