Ada P.T.L

I was already teaching several ESL students when I decided to take MyTEFL’s 120-hour Comprehensive Course. And oh boy, I wasn’t disappointed at all! I got the chance to understand better the techniques that were taught to me in a shorter course that I took prior to TEFL. The tests at the end of every lesson were very challenging and helped a lot in remembering the concepts that were discussed. Right after learning a new technique or idea from myTEFL, I applied them immediately in class and I saw how effective the suggestions were. I gained a lot of confidence in teaching and I appreciated my work more because of what I learned.

The company’s Customer Service was also excellent. All inquiries were addressed within 24 hours and the academic advisors were all knowledgeable and helpful. I am completely satisfied with their service.

This course was worth every penny! I am so happy I took it!