Timing Of Online English Classes

Hours are usually flexible when it comes to setting up your own schedule but keep in mind that as the majority of Online EFL companies are Chinese based, you will need to account for the time zone differences.

For this reason, TEFL teachers in North/South America can expect to be running lessons at odd hours of their day. This can be great for night owls but not so much for people who prefer to work in the daytime. It’s definitely something to consider and take into account when deciding if teaching online is right for you. China is GMT + 800 as a reference point for would be teachers.

Online English Teaching Salaries

Online TEFL teachers are usually paid by the hour. Pay rates vary and depend on multiple factors including qualifications, bonuses and targets achieved, and experience. On average, an online TEFL teacher can expect to make between $15 to $23 USD per hour.

Part of the great flexibility with teaching online is the ability to take on as few or as many hours as you like. With some companies, you can teach as little as four hours a week or go as high as forty. It’s totally up to you.