Along with your resume and cover letter, some online companies may require a short (1-1.5 minutes) introduction video. This is to introduce yourself, and to showcase your personality and vibe.

Just like with your resume, don’t sell yourself short. Quarantine means lots of time, right? Use it to craft the perfect video that will capture potential employers’ attention. Make sure to dress professionally, be well groomed, and conduct the video in a clean, quiet and neutral environment. No bathrobes, no party dresses, no friends in the video etc. Yes, we have seen all of these come in on applications before.

An introduction video is especially recommended for non-native English speakers looking to gain employment. Your video is the best way to demonstrate language fluidity and accent neutrality without putting commitment and/or time constraints on hiring managers. Even where employers do not ask for a video, we suggest all non natives submit one.

Remember, video files are huge so don’t try to attach them to an email! This is a surefire way to have your application deleted. Upload your video to a free file sharing service like and incorporate the link into your resume.

Here is an informative article on how to record a
self-introduction video –