5 reasons a TEFL qualification is the perfect Christmas gift

So, you’re thinking about giving the gift of a TEFL qualification? Great idea! Offering training in language teaching not only means opening up countless places to work around the globe in the New Year, but also means offering lifelong skills and new buddies to boot. Check out why we think it’s simply the perfect pressie this Christmas…

TEFL qualification
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It offers a lifelong skill

There’s a famous saying: A TEFL qualification isn’t just for Christmas. And it’s true! People who work towards this valuable and interesting certificate of language aren’t usually just doing it for a quick job change, or for kicks. Most are doing it to achieve a lifelong skill; one that will harden their expertise in everything from grammar to vocab to foreign language learning; and – importantly – one that will allow them to travel the world whilst earning.

It’s the gift of new friends

Getting that TEFL qualification isn’t just about brushing up on gerunds and nailing your tenses once and for all. It’s also about meeting and mingling with new, likeminded, people. That can be done online, on myTEFL community groups, or in placements and internships, where trainees and newly-qualified teachers are put together with other folk in exactly the same position. Add to that all the new colleagues you can expect to work with in schools from Beijing to Bolivia, and all the locals you’re going to rub shoulders with from Hong Kong to Santiago, and it’s hardly a surprise that most of our grads emerge with a whole host of new pals!

TEFL qualification
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It’ll be a surprise

Who hasn’t received a pair of fluffy socks or a bottle of Champers at Christmas? Who doesn’t expect the ubiquitous novelty pajamas and festive jumpers? Well, why not break away from the usual pool of traditional presents this year and give something totally different: a TEFL qualification? Yep, opting to give an experience gift instead of a physical one promises to be a big surprise on the day. And the surprises keep on coming with this one too…when those new language teaching skills allow your recipient to explore different cultures, places and cities around the globe!

It’s the perfect set-up for the New Year

If you’re buying for someone who’s determined to mix things up in the coming year, whether that means an alteration in career or a new place to live, then getting them TEFL qualified could be the perfect catalyst for the change. The obvious bonus is that it opens up thousands of possible destinations across the planet for that new working direction, from the high-perched peaks of the Nepali Himalaya to the tropical beaches of Indo and India and Thailand. However, more than that, a TEFL qualification can also instill a passion for further learning and education, and nurture self-esteem and self-betterment principles in the future.

TEFL qualification
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It gives the gift of adventure

And, finally, last but not least, comes the biggie: adventure. This is the one we love the most; and one of the main reasons we think a TEFL qualification is a perfect Christmas gift. From the snow-dusted tops of the Alps to the palm-fringed beaches of the Andaman Sea, the wilds of Mongolia to the savannah plains of Africa and the sand seas of Arabia, becoming a teacher isn’t just a ticket to regular pay and stable work, but also to places right around the globe. And even if the person receiving your gift doesn’t decide to travel, the potential for adventure is always there – they can choose to up sticks and move, whenever they want. That’s nice, eh?

Can you think of any more reasons why a TEFL qualification is the perfect Christmas gift? Have you received a TEFL qualification as a present and want to share your thoughts? Great! We’d love to hear all your comments in the section below. Or, if you want to check out all the courses myTEFL have on offer for Christmas this year, be sure to head over to our courses page…

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