6 Reasons You Should Teach This Summer

Relaxing in Goa
A break from teaching – relaxing in Goa, India | © Joseph Richard Francis

If you’ve been pining for that next adventure and looking to ditch the nine-to-five, then why not consider opting for a summer teaching program? With opportunities in summer camps, private schools and other institutions now on offer right across the planet, from the sunny climes of Southeast Asia to the exotic cities of South America, there’s plenty to choose from. What’s more, all that’s required is a quick TEFL certification and you’ll be on your way! Here’s a look at some of the other top reasons to consider hitting the classrooms this holiday…

Because there are loads of jobs

The popularity of summertime TEFL positions is on the rise and has been for some years now, meaning there are more opportunities for teaching English seasonally than ever before. Traditionally, summer-long positions were available largely in Europe, with kids’ language camps and adult immersion weeks everywhere from The Boot of Italy to the forests of Scandinavia (companies like the English Camp Company and Camp Europe organise loads of these). Today, these are popping up all over the globe as English becomes even more of an important second language skill in Latin American, Asian and African countries alike. It’s worth remembering that many TEFL graduates will be eligible to receive help in finding work from their qualification provider, which should help take some of the stress out of sifting through all the positions out there!

To see if you like teaching English

While jumping in the deep end and signing a long-term teaching contract can be a little daunting for first-time teachers fresh from their TEFL course, summer camps offer the unique possibility of shorter contracts that can even last as little as one month. That means they are the perfect opportunity to test the waters and see if EFL teaching is the right direction for you, if you’re confident enough to make language teaching your career, or if you’re happy moving outside of your comfort zone, to other countries and cultures. And if at the end of it all you decide you’re better off at home, then you can just look at it as a holiday with a difference, pack up and leave, no strings attached!

Road signs in France | © Joseph Richard Francis
Road signs in France | © Joseph Richard Francis

To meet new people

Summer camps and summer teaching projects often attract a whole different character of teacher than more permanent positions do. While schools often try to fill posts with long-term teachers and people willing to commit to working a year or more, seasonal jobs are favourites of travellers and career changers and location-independent workers, meaning they are a great place to network, explore other peoples’ ideas about TEFL and make new friends. It’s also possible to study for your TEFL qualification over the summer, combining getting your certificate with teaching experience in countries like Thailand, China and Argentina, all in the company of other students and learners doing precisely the same thing and offsetting the cost of the study with monthly payments to boot!

To explore a new place

Whether it’s the throbbing cityscapes of Vietnam, the Patagonian backwaters of Argentina, the shimmering beach towns of the Thai Andaman or somewhere else entirely, there’s no denying this most obvious of perks for the summertime TEFL teacher: travelling. Yes sir, with oodles of summer camp and schooling and volunteering opportunities now opening from Asia to Europe to South America, the range of all-new and exciting destinations on the line-up for native speakers looking to leave behind the nine-to-five and explore the globe is bigger than ever!

For the weather

Summertime teaching isn’t just an opportunity to broaden your horizons, test out the profession and explore new places, it’s also a chance to ensure you make the most of the warmer months of the year! Hitting a language camp on the Mediterranean can mean two months of guaranteed Spanish warmth, while Southeast Asia offers up the sun-splashed beach stretches of Thailand, Bali and Vietnam to name just a few. Then there’s Latin America, which means skiing aplenty in places like Bariloche and the Valle Nevado of Chile.

Teaching in Italy
Italian lakes in the summer | © Joseph Richard Francis

For the money

Okay, so while summer language camps aren’t going to make a millionaire of anyone, they do offer the opportunity to earn a nice buck on the side. Saving while teaching is easy when accommodation and food is taken care of, which is often the case in short summer programs. What’s more, with so many opportunities now available across five different continents, would-be teachers can opt for somewhere nice and cheap. Check out Vietnam, for example, where beers are sub $1, or Columbia, which boasts bargain street foods and homestays – perfect for stretching those savings once you’re done in the classroom. 

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