Mary Ellen E. McAllister-Wallace

I’ve just completed the 120 Hour myTEFL certificate, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself or more thankful for the team at myTEFL!

I’ve wanted to earn my certificate to teach English as a foreign language for years. When I finally decided it was the right time, or that it just didn’t make sense to postpone it any longer, I looked online and found that lists the “best online TEFL courses.” As you may have guessed, the site listed myTEFL as their #1 choice! After having completed the course myself, I am in complete agreement!

myTEFL provides everything their website states they will provide, and how often does that happen? I was provided with a personal tutor, Leo, who responded to every one of my emails within 24 hours! I am presently working with a job placement coordinator, Luba, who is helping ensure that my cover letter and CV are ready for potential employers to view, and who doesn’t need a second pair of eyes when it comes to preparing a cover letter? I will also receive help preparing for my interview(s), with interview tips & advice, and even one-on-one practice via Skype if I feel I need it!

While all of above already puts myTEFL at the top of my list for favorite businesses in the education realm, they go above and beyond when they also make a monthly donation to several charities (Trek to Teach and Little Footprints, Big Steps), from the tuition paid for the courses they offer!

AND, if all of that isn’t enough to make earning your TEFL certificate with myTEFL the best choice possible, not only are the costs of their programs beyond reasonable, they are continuously offering promotion codes on their website to reduce the cost of your investment in your future, even further!