Jéssica M.

Even though my native language is not English, I’ve always been in love with the language, and since I became fluent, it’s been a dream of mine to teach others the beauty of English. The only problem was, I had no idea how to start teaching. So, trying to improve my teaching skils, I research for a TEFL course that was affordable and had a good reputation. In my research, I found the Mytefl course, and after finishing it, I can say I do recommend this course. It is very clear, with many useful information and tips on how to be a great teacher. I truly enjoyed the course, and the only suggestion for improvement I would make is: add videos, specially of other teacher and their experiences in a classroom.

Oh, another great thing of the MyTEFL is their staff. I only had contact with Tina, but she was helpful, polite and overall, nice! Thank you Tina, I hope to use your placement services soon!

To anyone who hasn’t yet decided, I say, take this course, it’s a small investment for all it brings to you and your career.