FAQs Taiwan Placement

TEFL job placements in Taiwan are mainly via private language schools and public schools. These positions can range from kindergarten to adult education.

TEFL teachers in Taiwan can expect starting salaries to range from NT$50,000 to NT$60,000 per month, with opportunities for raises and bonuses over time.

An Associate Degree or higher is required to obtain a work permit to teach English in Taiwan.

In most cases, non-native speakers are not eligible to teach English in Taiwan. However, exceptions may apply if you have excellent English proficiency and teaching experience.

Teaching experience is not required to TEFL in Taiwan, although it may be preferred by some employers. Our program will provide you with the necessary training and support.

Completing our 120 Hour or 140 Hour online TEFL certification course will qualify you to teach English in Taiwan. Additional in-class training may be required by some employers.

A standard teaching English in Taiwan contract is for one year. Shorter contracts may be available but are less common.

Comprehensive accommodation assistance is offered to TEFL teachers in Taiwan. This may include a housing allowance, subsidized rent, or help finding suitable accommodation.

To teach English as a foreign language in Taiwan, you will need to obtain a work permit and a resident visa. Your employer will assist you with the visa application process.

Teachers are guaranteed a minimum of 20 teaching hours per week. Some positions may offer more hours, including opportunities for additional tutoring or private lessons.

The majority of your teaching assignments in Taiwan will be with young learners, ranging from kindergarten to high school students. Adult education opportunities are also available.

All of our partner employers in Taiwan will provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to help you grow as a teacher and advance your career.

The biggest challenges TEFL teachers in Taiwan face include adjusting to cultural differences, managing classroom behavior, and overcoming language barriers.

Yes, you will be enrolled in Taiwan’s Employee Health Insurance Program, which provides comprehensive medical coverage. Additional benefits may include paid vacation, end-of-contract bonuses, and flight reimbursements.

The salary of a TEFL teacher in Taiwan will comfortably cover the cost of living. Taiwan offers a relatively low cost of living compared to Western countries, allowing for significant savings.

You can indicate your preferred locations, and we will do our best to match you with an appropriate position. However, placement in your preferred location is not guaranteed.

Submit a cover letter, CV/resume, scan of your passport, degree certificate, and TEFL certification to our placement team. We will guide you through the interview and job placement process.

The initial application, interview, and acceptance process can take 1-2 months. Once accepted, job placement can occur within a few weeks to a few months, depending on hiring needs and your availability.

Certainly! If you renew your contract, you would continue teaching at the same school. If you prefer to transition to a different job, we can assist you in finding new opportunities within Taiwan.

Our Taiwan TEFL placements require you to hold a valid passport from an English-speaking country.

Yes, friends and couples are welcome to apply and can often be placed in the same city or even the same school.

We recommend having at least US $1,750 to bring with you to cover initial living expenses until your first paycheck.

Medical testing and a formal report will be conducted in Taiwan as part of the work permit application process. Your employer will guide you through the required procedures.

Applicants will need to submit a clean criminal background check from their home country as part of the work permit application process.

Placements occur all over the country, including major cities like Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, as well as in smaller towns and rural areas.

Pets are strongly discouraged. The costs and logistical challenges of bringing a pet to Taiwan are significant, and finding pet-friendly accommodation can be difficult.

Speaking Mandarin or Taiwanese is not a requirement for teaching English in Taiwan. Many schools prefer that you use English exclusively in the classroom.

Upon arrival in Taiwan, you will complete 1 – 2 weeks of orientation and training. This will cover teaching techniques, classroom management, and cultural orientation.

TEFL Schools in Taiwan hire throughout the year, but the peak hiring seasons are February-March and August-September.