FAQs Spain Placement

TEFL job placements in Spain are via private employers, or as Auxiliares in public schools.

TEFL teachers in Spain can expect starting salaries ranging from $860 to $1500 USD per month.

While a bachelor’s degree is preferred to Teach English in Spain, an associates degree is also acceptable.

Yes, non-native speakers are eligible to teach English in Spain if they have excellent English proficiency (IELTS 7.0 or higher), and meet the other criteria.

Teaching experience is not required to TEFL in Spain. However it does help you stand out from other applicants.

Completing our 120 Hour or 140 Hour online TEFL course is a prerequisite for the teaching placement in Spain.

A standard teaching English in Spain contract is 12 months long.

Accommodations are not included in this placement.

Getting permission to live and work in Spain is a convoluted and difficult process. Our employers will provide basic guidance, but we strongly suggest using an agent to help with the process. We can recommend trusted options.

Depending on the contract, employer and type of school you work for hours range from 12 – 26 hours per week. Many contracts stipulate a 4 day workweek.

The age and type of student taught in Spain will depend on the contract and employer. You may teach in the public school system (primary to high school), or in private schools which have many adult and business oriented students.

Private employers in Spain may provide ongoing professional development. Public sector employers will provide some initially.

The bureaucracy of the paperwork tends to be the most frustrating aspect for TEFL teachers in Spain as it is quite cumbersome. Language barriers also can create communication issues and frustrations. Learning some of the language prior to departing for Spain is strongly recommended.

Private health insurance is usually provided when TEFLing in Spain.

The salary of a TEFL teacher in Spain will cover basic costs, but not much more. Teachers should not expect to be able to pay off debts or other obligations back home.

You can indicate your preferred locations, and we will strive to accommodate them. However, placement depends on demand and available vacancies.

Submit a cover letter, CV/resume, scan of your degree, your TEFL, your passport and a recent photo. You may apply if you are have completed at least 70% of your TEFL. In that case let us know how far you are in your TEFL course when submitting an application for Spain jobs.

The process takes some time. Apply at least 6 months prior to the school year start.

Our Spain TEFL placements do not have a passport requirement provided the other criteria are met.

Yes, friends and couples are welcome to apply to TEFL in Spain together. Flexibility in location is key to ensuring a placement in the same school, or at least in the same area.

We recommend having at least US $2,500 to bring with you to cover personal and setup costs before receiving your initial salary payment.

Applicants will need to submit a clean criminal record check to teach English in Spain.

Placements occur all over the country.

Pets are strongly discouraged. The costs and logistics of bringing a pet are nearly prohibitive both monetarily, and time.

Knowing Spanish is not necessary, but learning a few phrases and words will make it much easier to transition smoothly into life in Spain.

TEFL Schools in Spain hire for September each year. Some private schools hire year round.