FAQs Czech Republic Placement

TEFL job placements in Czechia are mainly via private employers located in and around Prague.

TEFL teachers in Czechia can expect salaries ranging from $1350 to $2500 USD per month.

A degree is not required for our TEFL in the Czech Republic placement.

Non-natives with a strong command of English, and a neutral accent are eligible to teach English in Czechia.

Teaching experience is not required to TEFL in Czechia. However it does help you stand out from other applicants.

Completing our 120 Hour or 140 Hour online TEFL course is a prerequisite for the teaching placement in Czechia.

The duration of teaching gigs in Czech range from 3 to 12 months.

Housing assistance is often provided, but housing itself may not be included. It’s best to check with individual employers for specific details.

To teach English as a foreign language in Czechia, you need a work permit. We will help you obtain and secure a legal work permit which will allow you to work for multiple employers in Czechia.

Teachers are guaranteed a minimum of 15 teaching hours per week. Teaching more hours directly increases your salary payment. Two days off per week is standard.

The majority of your teaching assignments in Czechia will be with adults/business professionals.

Language and cultural differences along with the bureaucracy of visa and registration paperwork tends to be the most frustrating aspect for TEFL teachers in Czech Republic.

The salary of a TEFL teacher in Czechia will cover basic costs of living. Teaching more than 22 hours per week will make it a more sustainable and enjoyable experience.

Most of our vacancies are within Prague. While there are vacancies outside the city, it would be more effective to apply for them once established in the country.

Submit a cover letter, CV/resume, scan of your degree, your TEFL, your passport and a recent photo. You may apply if you are have completed at least 70% of your TEFL. In that case let us know how far you are in your TEFL course when submitting an application for Czechia jobs.

The initial application, interview and acceptance takes approximately 2-4 weeks. The work visa takes about 6 weeks to process. The whole process takes from 2 – 3 months.

Our Czechia TEFL placements do not have a passport requirement provided the other criteria are met.

Yes, friends and couples are welcome to apply to TEFL in Czechia together.

We recommend having at least US $1,750 to bring with you to cover personal and setup costs before receiving your initial salary payment.

Medical testing and a formal report are required during the work permit application process.

Applicants will need to submit a clean criminal record check to teach English in Czechia.

Placements occur mainly in Prague.

Pets are strongly discouraged. The costs and logistics of bringing a pet are nearly prohibitive both monetarily, and time.

Speaking Czech is not a requirement, but learning a few phrases and words will make it much easier to transition smoothly into life in Czechia. It will also earn you additional respect from locals.

TEFL Schools in Czechia hire throughout the year. Hiring slows down before and during Christmas holidays.