FAQs Costa Rica Placement

TEFL job placements in Costa Rica are offered through public or private employers in San Jose and other larger cities.

TEFL teachers in Costa Rica can expect starting salaries ranging from approximately $750 to $1100 USD per month.

A four-year degree or higher is required to obtain a work permit to teach English in Costa Rica. The subject of study can be in any field.

Non-native speakers are not eligible for this placement in Costa Rica.

Teaching experience is not required to TEFL in Costa Rica. However, it does help you stand out from other applicants.

Completing our 120 Hour or 140 Hour online TEFL course is a prerequisite for the teaching placement in Costa Rica.

A standard teaching English in Costa Rica contract is 12 months long.

Comprehensive accommodation assistance is offered. Our employers support foreign TEFL teachers by suggesting apartments, scheduling viewings, assisting with negotiations, and ensuring a smooth transition into Costa Rica.

Teachers will teach 17 – 26 hours per week in Costa Rica.

TEFL in Costa Rica mainly comprises adult students, approximately 70%. About 30% of English learners in Costa Rica may be classified as young learners.

All of our partner employers in Costa Rica provide hands-on initial training and ongoing professional development.

The biggest challenges TEFL teachers in Costa Rica face are language barriers, cultural adaptation, and homesickness. Studying a bit of the language and the culture before flying out can make the transition easier. It is a good idea to be socially open and start to build your network with other new TEFL teachers, old teachers, colleagues, and staff. Most teachers tend to build up vibrant, exciting social lives that minimize homesickness within a couple of months.

The benefits package of a TEFL teacher in Costa Rica will cover a modest, basic living. Away from the tourist areas, Costa Rica is quite an affordable destination. If you are interested in increasing your earnings, additional hours and online tutoring can go a long way.

The majority of placements take place in San Jose.

Submit a cover letter, CV/resume, scan of your degree, your TEFL, your passport, and a recent photo. You may apply if you have completed at least 70% of your TEFL. In that case, let us know how far you are in your TEFL course when submitting an application for Costa Rica jobs.

Certainly! If you renew your contract, you would be eligible for pay rate increases and additional bonuses.

Our Costa Rica TEFL placements require you to hold a passport from one of the following countries: US, CA, UK, IR, AU, NZ, or ZA.

Yes, friends and couples are welcome to apply to TEFL in Costa Rica together.

We recommend having at least US $1,250 to bring with you to cover personal and setup costs before receiving your initial salary payment.

A criminal background check is not required.

Placements mainly occur in San Jose.

Pets are strongly discouraged. The costs and logistics of bringing a pet are nearly prohibitive both monetarily and time.

Speaking Spanish is not a requirement, but learning a few phrases and words will make it much easier to transition smoothly into life in Costa Rica. It will also earn you additional respect from locals.

TEFL Schools in Costa Rica hire throughout the year.