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5 TEFL destinations for coffee lovers

Perhaps you’re into sipping an espresso in an Italian café? Maybe you’re keen on sampling the egg-topped brews of Vietnam? Perhaps it’s Bali’s kopi drinks that have got your attention? Whatever the bean that’s caught your eye, this list of the world’s top TEFL destinations for coffee lovers is essential reading.


5 TEFL destinations for coffee lovers
Coffee Area, Colombia | © Ben Bowes/Flickr




There’s arguably no better destination in the world for coffee lovers than Colombia. Period. In fact, this tropical nation on the northern cusp of South America churns out 11.5 million bags of beans each year, making it the third-largest producer of coffee on the planet. But its caffeine-related accolades don’t end there: Colombia is also the home of the UNESCO-designated Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia. That’s a whole region in the midst of the rising Andes and the country’s Paisa department that’s known across the globe as the source of some of the finest, tastiest beans going. It could make the perfect weekend trip from the classrooms of Bogota or Cartegena, don’t you think?


Saigon, Vietnam | © CiaoHo/Flickr
Saigon, Vietnam | © CiaoHo/Flickr




While bubbling pho broths and plates of soy-scented noodles might be more the sort of flavor you associate with Vietnam, coffee is actually a huge part of the local culture in this long, winding backbone of Indochina. It has been since the start of the 20th century, when colonialism brought mass bean cultivation to the region for the first time. These days, Vietnam specializes in its own sort of Hanoi coffee – cà phê trứng –  that’s made with a head of egg whites and served in virtually every café in the capital. And it’s got a cracking iced coffee that’s brewed from potent Robusta beans and poured over sweet condensed milk – the perfect escape from the Asian heat.


5 TEFL destinations for coffee lovers
We visited a coffee planation in Bali | © Sue Waters/Flickr




Just the mention of the name Java is usually enough to get coffee aficionados talking. It’s just that Indo’s most populous island has been making its own brand of flavoursome beans since the 17th century. These days, it’s also a byword for quality, with the expensive Arabica the most grown variety of the crop. Meanwhile, over in Bali, the curious kopi luwak bean is what’s brewed up in the cafes of Ubud and Kuta. It’s certainly not for the fainthearted, made from coffee that’s been digested and excreted by the native Asian palm civet. Interesting.


Espresso extraction | © Scott Schiller/Flickr
Espresso extraction | © Scott Schiller/Flickr




No list of the world’s top coffee destinations could possibly be complete without at least a mention of Italy. The beautiful Boot of Europe might not be the tropical sort of most other destinations talked about here, but it’s not in the growing that this one makes its name. It’s in the drinking. The morning espresso is nothing short of a ritual in most Italian towns and cities. Whether you’re lapping it up on the side of a sparkling lake in the Alps or sunning yourself on the beaches of Sicily, you can rest assured that a café with real Italian beans is never too far away in this nation of self-professed gourmands. Of course, you’ll need to follow the rules: Cappuccinos are only for the mornings, and you never drink coffee with milk after a meal!


Turkish Coffee | © Jorge Cancela/Flickr
Turkish Coffee | © Jorge Cancela/Flickr




Another place that’s not known for its bean growing, Turkey edges its way onto this list of TEFL destinations for coffee lovers by the pure uniqueness of its brews. Gritty, strong and often infused with spices, coffee is the go-to tipple of folk from bustling Ankara to ancient Istanbul. You’ll find the drink served in copper cezve cups all over, typically with the remnants of the bean left inside, adding a level of potency that’s sure to keep you awake for even the longest of past-participle teaching bouts.



All this talk of worldly brews got you thinking about hitting the road to do some tasting of your own? Have your own suggestions about the top TEFL destinations for coffee lovers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Or, if you think it’s high time you got that TEFL sorted, be sure to check out our courses page



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