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5 new 2019 TEFL destinations to visit with myTEFL

Looking to make next year one to remember? How about 12 months of adventures around the globe, whether that means munching on churros in the cobbled towns of Spain or surfing the waves of the Pacific? This list of five awesome 2019 TEFL destinations is sure to have some inspiration.


2019 TEFL destinations
Myanmar Plaza, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) | © Stefano Alemani/Unsplash




2019 is bound to be a great year for our Myanmar internship. It’s a fine way to get started in the EFL business in one of the most enthralling and sought-after regions of all – Southeast Asia. You’ll be whisked away to the heady mix of gold-glimmering temples and spice bazaars that is Yangon. There, a five-day orientation program means bouts of Burmese boxing and introductions to the mysteries of Buddhism. Then it’s onto a three-, six-, or 12-month placement in a private or public school where you’ll receive a full TEFL salary of anything between $700 and $1,200 USD a month. Of course, weekends and holidays will be yours to explore, which could mean jaunts to the 10,000 temples of Bagan or hiking expeditions through the wild Shan Hills.


2019 TEFL destinations
A beach in Costa Rica | © Atanas Malamov/Unsplash


Costa Rica


Another new addition to the myTEFL line up and a real gem among 2019 TEFL destinations, Costa Rica might just have what you’re looking for. That is, if what you’re looking for is mist-gathering jungles filled with some of the rarest creatures on the planet, smoke-spurting volcanos, and wave-bashed beaches with awesome surf. When you aren’t waxing down the board or spotting sloths, you can earn in the range of $750-$1,100 USD a month across 17-26 hours of teaching each week. That typically includes four weeks of paid vacation time, too, so there’s always a chance to escape to the buzzing bamboo bars of Tamarindo and the primeval rainforests of Monteverde.



2019 TEFL destinations
Some beers on the beach in Bali | © JRF/myTEFL




More than 17,000 islands and 700 languages, multiple religions and a whole host of different peoples join together to create the enthralling land of Indonesia. Average salaries in job positions hover around the $850-$1,150 mark, which is more than enough to fund adventures through this vast cut-out of Asia. That means weekends to Bali, where rice terraces tumble down from macaque-filled jungles could be in the offing. It means days of lazing on the cotton-hued coral sands of the Gili Islands. It means encounters with orangutans in the old-growth woods of Sumatra. What’s not to love?


2019 TEFL destinations
Pamplona, Spain | © San Fermin Pamplona – Navarra/Unsplash




In a twirl of the flamenco dress and a sizzle of the paella pan, Spain always manages to captivate those who pass its way. Anyone who bags a TEFL position in the country can stay for up to a whole year on a single teaching contract. They usually start in September and can pay $1,100 USD a month. Great infrastructure means you can hop around on those weekends off, to check off bucket-list places like Barcelona’s 2,000-year-old Gothic Quarter, the tapas alleys of Seville, the verdant mountains of Galicia in the north-west, and – when summer swings around – even the shimmering coves and party hotspots of Ibiza.


2019 TEFL destinations
Working online | © JRF/myTEFL




While it’s not technically among the top 2019 TEFL destinations because it’s not technically a destination at all, the cyber world is now up there with the fastest-growing sectors of the industry. What’s more, bagging a job over the web in the coming year could open up the whole planet. So long as you’ve got a speedy internet connection and somewhere quiet to teach from, the globe’s your oyster. Requirements include a BA degree or higher, a 120-hour TEFL course, and native-level English. It also helps to have a passport from a major English-speaking nation – CA, UK, US, NZ, AU. Then, it’s just about planning your adventures, whether you fancy breaking out to the pristine isles of the Caribbean or heading to the snow-capped mountains of Europe.



This is just a taster of the amazing range of 2019 TEFL destinations we’ve got on the menu for the coming year. If you’re curious about any, feel free to leave a comment below. Or, head over to our courses page for more information on getting qualified to teach.

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