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Fumrokhu Baraha Secondary School Charity Initiative

Nestled deep within the Aannapurna mountain range in Nepal lies the district of Kaski, famed for it’s breathtaking mountains, lakes and other natural wonders.




Fumrokhu Baraha Secondary school is a small school that lies deep within the Kaski district in the remote village of Kliyu. It has a total of 245 students and 14 teachers including many volunteers teaching English sent over by our friends at Trek to teach.


The school was originally three stories high and housed twelve classrooms however the building was devastated by an earthquake in 2015.


kliyu 3 (002)


The community rallied as best as they could and a lot of effort was put in to rebuilding the school but unfortunately resources ran short and only the first two stories containing eight classrooms were able to be rebuilt. The children’s education had to go on despite this though and a temporary solution was found in the form of large “tent shelters” constructed of bamboo and tarpaulins.


kliyu 2 (002)


While the tents are favourable to the alternative of suspending the children’s education, they are not a long term solution. The weather in Nepal is notoriously cold and the area is prone to rough weather and storms all year round, less than ideal conditions for a teacher to get their class to pay attention and learn.


At myTEFL, we strive to be a socially conscious and responsible company, we love to give back to the communities that have given us and our graduates so much in the form of learning, perspective and personal growth. Charity is a big part of our credo and when we were presented with the opportunity to help the children of Fumroku Baraha School, we jumped on it.


So in partnership with our friends at Trek to Teach, the school management committee and the local villagers, myTEFL is proud to announce the construction of the third and final floor of Fumroku Baraha School. Along with regular curricular activities, the rooms on the third floor will also be used for extracurricular activities like dance, debate and presentations. They will also be used for parent teacher meetings and teacher seminars.


Here’s a mock up of what the school will look like upon completion of the project.


sample design (002)


Funding will be completely provided by myTEFL with monitoring and implementation done by Trek to Teach along with help from local governing bodies and the school management committee. The project is expected to take seven to eight months with the proposed completion date being November 2019.


The impact of this project will be huge to the small community of Kliyu in many ways. The first and most obvious will of course be to the children that will now have the means and resources to continue their vital education, Kliyu is a small and remote village with not too many opportunities for it’s youth. The English language skills provided to the students at Fumrokhu Baraha can prove to be invaluable as a means to earn a living through the booming tourism industry in the Kaski district and Nepal as a whole.


The project will also directly impact the economy for the village of Kliyu, the construction and manual labour will be completely undertaken by the locals who will be well paid resulting in a huge boost to their very small economy. In this way, we’re putting the money back into the community, giving them a new school and a financial boost – win win for all!


We’re super excited to be beginning this project, stay tuned for more news!


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