TEFL Jobs in Philippines

A lovely tropical island paradise, the Philippines offers plenty of beaches, snorkeling, seafood and biodiversity. The people are known to be friendly, laid back and peace loving. However, due to the high level of English present in the country, it is a bit more difficult to secure a well paying EFL position. It takes more time, more dedication, and the pay will be correspondingly lower. On the flip side the cost of living is also quite low.

The average salary of an EFL teacher is $400-600US per month. Companies and schools in the Philippines generally do not offer benefits such as airfare or accommodation.

Securing a TEFL Position in the Philippines

It is possible to find positions advertised on the internet. Candidates should carefully prepare their resume and all supporting documentation, and follow up with a telephone call. However, job seekers will find they will have better prospects if they are already in the country, and able to attend interviews in person. Positions for EFL teachers are available at technical/vocational colleges (private and public), and private language schools. Due to the large amount of Pilipino migration, IELTS, GREs and TOEFL exams are becoming quite popular. Most of the students will be educated adults, and most of these centers will be found in urbanized areas. If in the country, make a list of all the schools you can find, dress professionally and bring current application materials. With a bit of persistence you will be able to find a place in this island paradise!

Getting certified to teach in the Philippines

If you want to start a life of teaching English in the Philippines, you'll need to take the first step and get TEFL certified. This online qualification can be completed in 120 hours and gives you the training and know-how required by top schools in the Philippines, and around the world.

Get TEFL Certified