TEFL Jobs in Japan

Japan is a mainstay in the EFL world, with demand for English stretching back to the 80’s. The country itself is an adventure in its own right with a unique culture, a welcoming population, cutting edge technology, hot springs, volcanoes and even beaches. It is probably the best example of ardently preserved tradition mixed in with extreme modernity. English teachers are always in high demand, and it is quite easy to secure a well paying position in Japan. On that note the salary is quite high, and depending on lifestyle, many teachers can save up quite a bit. Japan provides a very safe environment on top of it all.

The average salary for teachers in Japan ranges from $2500 -$3500US. The cost of living can be quite high, especially in major cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. However, it is not difficult to save even in these places.

Securing a TEFL Position in Japan

With a long history of employing EFL teachers, Japan has plenty of options. Keep in mind one should have a Bachelor degree in order to legally work in Japan in an EFL position. One of the longest running programs in Japan is called JET, in which EFL teachers are placed in public schools for 35 hour work weeks. It pays well (over $40,000US per year) and is a reputable program. The other largest employer in Japan tends to be private language schools, which are more densely located in cities and big population areas. Some public schools also hire direct and will generally require a TEFL certificate in addition to a bachelor degree. All of these positions can be applied to online before ever stepping foot in Japan. For building a life and career in the EFL world, Japan is a great choice!

Getting certified to teach in Japan

If you want to start a life of teaching English in Japan, you'll need to take the first step and get TEFL certified. This online qualification can be completed in 120 hours and gives you the training and know-how required by top schools in Japan, and around the world.

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