Giving back

Training and empowering teachers to travel the world and share language is rewarding in its own right. English teachers are explorers, reaching out to cultures and destinations most people will never discover. They break down the barriers of communication, they promote tolerance, understanding and respect between cultures, and they share experiences and friendships that transcend the ordinary. We at MyTEFL are proud of being a part of the larger international TEFL community.

MyTEFL strongly believes in helping those in need around the world. For every course purchased, we will make a donation to a charity drive on

Every few months we will change the charity drives we donate towards to ensure we are assisting a broad spectrum of needs. These may include conservation projects, medical assistance, animal rescues etc. Check back often to see the latest projects MyTEFL is donating towards.

In the spirit of learning and education, MyTEFL is helping school children from less fortunate families around the world. For every course provided by MyTEFL, we make a donation to one of our partner charities.


Little Footprints Big Steps is an amazing charity which supports the education of abused and abandoned children in Haiti.

Trek to Teach is an organization which works hard to build education links across rural Nepal and supply passionate foreign teachers.

" Join us in helping make the world a better place one course at a time! "