Teaching English Overseas

Get paid to travel the world!

What's teaching English all about?

Teaching English is one the most amazing ways to discover the world! You will tread through exotic backstreets, pick up foreign languages, bargain at colorful markets, and share laughter, friendships and experiences in a way the typical tourist never can.

This happens by living and working within a community outside of the tourist bubble. This way, you get to see what life's really like. You're not limited to just one place either - with a TEFL certificate you can teach in over 40 countries!

With a TEFL certificate, you can earn over $3,000 per month teaching English.

What's the lifestyle like?

The great thing about TEFL is the choice it gives you. Your lifestyle and how much you earn depends on where you'd like to teach.

If you fancy a life by the beach, working in the mornings and surfing in the afternoons - you'll want to check out Thailand. If you're looking to earn big bucks, you could head over to South Korea and earn up to $3,000 per month.

  • Teaching in Korea
      Lifestyle and benefits:
    • Live and teach in ultra-modern Seoul
    • Visit Asia's best bars, spas and malls
    • Earn $1,695-$2,120 USD p/m
    • Get paid holidays and bonuses

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  • Teaching in Thailand
      Lifestyle and benefits:
    • Choose bustling cities or chilled out beaches
    • Learn to cook authentic thai food
    • Earn $830 - $970 USD p/m
    • Have easy access to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

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  • Teaching in Taiwan
      Lifestyle and benefits:
    • Discover Asia's best kept secret
    • Explore temples, mountains and beaches
    • Earn $1,675 to $2,285 USD p/m
    • Live cheap, laugh lots and still save money!

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So, how do you get started?

A TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) shows employers around the world that you've got the skills and knowhow needed to to teach. Getting your TEFL certificate opens up a world of possibilities and takes only 6-8 weeks to complete.

With our online TEFL courses there is no set routine or schedule to follow; you choose when you study, be it early morning, late at night or during a lunch break. Then, after you've finished we'll even help you to find your first teaching job with our Lifetime Placement Service!

All MyTEFL courses come with our lifetime job placement service!