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At first I wasn’t sure if the 120 hour course was right for me. I was curious about going to another country and working, but I never thought it would be possible or real. My Tefl was really supportive and helpful along the way. There were a few difficult parts for me (grammar- bleh), but I made it to the end and I really learned a lot. I am now going to Wuhan, China for my first TEFL job! Thanks James and the rest of the team!

Alyssa B Vancouver, Canada

I would highly recommend MyTEFL after the excellent help and support I have received while completing my 120 course. They were very quick to respond to any questions I had and gave me helpful advice to make sure my learning experience was beneficial. The online course is well-organized and easy to navigate, and the course work material is challenging and interesting. I was surprised to find out that I actually learned a lot from taking the 120-hour course, and now I can't wait to begin teaching abroad!

Brian Toombs New York, USA

I wanted to improve my work skills while still keeping my regular job. Thanks to mytefl, I am working and learning at the same time. This course is very well taught, and the tests are designed to keep me on my toes. I had a friend who did a TEFL course in college and he said this one is comparable in every way. I highly recommend it.

Shannon H Portland, USA

Honestly, I didn’t think these online TEFL courses were going to be very beneficial. A lot of people say you don’t really need them. Then, I spoke with a friend who recommended MyTefl to me. She took it because she needed an official TEFL certificate to work in her school legally in Beijing. Actually, her school recommended this course to her as well. From lesson plans to teaching approach tips, MyTefl not only gave us both an interesting perspective on the evolution of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, but it gave a lot of useful information that she uses in her classroom every day, and I hope to soon. In addition to the course, this program offers a lot of resources for teaching jobs around the world, and the customer service was awesome. The option of being able to renew my subscription to access the material again is a great aspect that I will be able to use at any time in my future career as a teacher. I give MyTEFL two Thumbs up!

Alex Purcell Sydney, AUS

I'm impressed with the TEFL course I just completed. The information was relevant and practical. The sections and units move along logically, often building on previous sections. The tests were not too easy and not too difficult. I was able to check up on my marks throughout the course to see my progress. I was amazed at how much I actually took away from the course. I’m much more confident and prepared for my first class. Thanks MY TEFL.

James Hall Portland, USA

The course isn’t perfect. The content is useful and informative, but is dry in some sections (phonology and lexis!). At times the tests were too easy. But I did learn a lot, and for the price I feel it’s worth it. I would recommend this for people who don’t have the time, or don’t want to invest a lot of money into the CELTA. It worked for me. If I am still teaching after a couple years, I’ll consider an upgrade.

Leon Shapiro Preston, UK

I heard about the mytefl course through a friend who completed the 120-hour course and was already teaching abroad in Taiwan. He spoke highly of this particular tefl course and convinced me that it was definitely worth it to take the course, too, and I did! It not only gives me an extra qualification to add to my CV/resume, but it gives me the freedom to see and live in new exciting areas of the world, learn about new cultures, and get valuable experience teaching English in an effective way! I'd highly recommend this course for anyone who plans to travel and be prepared to teach in a foreign country!

Christina Martin Montreal, CAN

When I decided to become an English teacher, I very carefully studied every TEFL course offered before deciding on this one. I am very confident I made the right decision. This course is very well planned and easy to understand, and I was able to check my progress along the way, which made me realise my strengths and weaknesses. The subject matter has been thoroughly dealt with, and MY TEFL offered me support whenever I needed it. Best of all, the children I teach will reap the benefit of getting a well trained English teacher.

Laura W HCMC, Vietnam

Great company! Great Course! Even though I’ve been teaching for the past 6 months, I learned a lot from your TEFL course. My classes started getting smoother within a week of starting the course. I’m really glad my school recommended your course to me. Once my contract is finished here, I’ll be on my way to Prague!

Jonathon K Beijing, China

When I refused to go into the IT field, and decided to become a teacher instead, my father said I would not amount to a hill of beans. Well, I have proved him wrong. After completing this course, I received an offer to teach English to a group of top executives in China. My dad is now very proud of me! (Although he hates being wrong.)

Caitlin Murphy Galway, Ireland

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