TEFL Jobs in Korea

Korea is a destination that has been at the top of EFL teacher’s lists for many reasons. The salaries are high compared to the cost of living, the country is relatively developed with good infrastructure, especially in the cities of Seoul and Pusan, and it possesses a unique culture. Teachers are in demand year round due to the large number of private institutes catering to both corporate clients and children.

The average salary for a teacher in Korea is $2000-$3000US. EFL teachers can save quite a bit, especially if they are not living in a major city. Many Korean contracts include return airfare and a stipend for accommodation.

Securing a TEFL Position in Korea

Like Japan, the Korean government has a program (EPIK) in which it accepts applications from qualified teachers, and places them in public schools around the country on one year contracts. This is a great way to get started in Korea. Like China and Japan, there are plenty of positions advertised year round on popular EFL job websites. A Bachelor degree is required in order to receive a work permit. Some teachers take on private students in order to supplement their income. Korea is an EFL destination in which everything can be arranged before you ever set foot into the country.

Getting certified to teach in Korea

If you want to start a life of teaching English in Korea, you'll need to take the first step and get TEFL certified. This online qualification can be completed in 120 hours and gives you the training and know-how required by top schools in Korea, and around the world.

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