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Our Intermediate Course is perfect for learning the basics of teaching and classroom management techniques, without getting into advanced topics like curriculum planning and grammar. Teaching modules are divided according to specific skill areas. When desired, this course can be upgraded to the 120 hour Professional for a complete TEFL education!

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  • Internationally-Recognized TEFL Certificate
  • Official Letter of Recommendation with Course Breakdown
  • Full Tutor & Tech Support with Personalised Feedback
  • 24/7 Access to Online Course via Multiple Devices
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Our accredited and internationally recognized courses are what you need to land that perfect TEFL job!

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Tefl Course Review 4.5/5
Go Overseas Review - 97%
course modules:
  • Introduction to EFL
    Learn about the TEFL industry, qualifications, types of contracts and other practical information.
  • Effective Classroom Management
    Learn how to implement effective rules, and develop professional relationships with students. Master the art of giving succinct instructions. Match seating styles with learners and activities. Effectively monitor and provide strategic feedback. Maintain classroom discipline.
  • Language Systems
    Learn about inductive and deductive strategies, as well as effective use of the Present, Practice and Production model (PPP). Examples and case studies provided.
  • Teaching Speaking
    Understand linguistics development and how it effects class planning. Train students' fluency and accuracy using targeted exercises. Provide effective feedback on speaking performance.
  • Teaching Listening
    Covers the principles of effective listening skills and sub-skills development. Use a variety of exercises and activities to get results.
  • Teaching Reading
    Learn about various subskills and types of reading. Case studies and practical assignments provided. Successfully incorporate extensive reading into an EFL program.
  • Teaching Writing
    Identify writing subskills and develop targeted exercises. Simplify essay formats to encourage extensive writing. Provide effective feedback on written assignments.
  • Teaching Material & Aids
    Make appropriate content selections for classes. Know how and when to modify course material. Effectively incorporate technology into lessons.
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