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Our Basic Course consists of Introductory Modules that provide those interested in teaching English with a core understanding and grasp of ancillary skills and systems required to plan for and manage classes. This course is a great option for teachers who have many classroom hours already completed, but with little to no formal training with regards to overall curriculum and classroom management skills and tools.

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  • Internationally-Recognized TEFL Certificate
  • Official Letter of Recommendation with Course Breakdown
  • Full Tutor & Tech Support with Personalised Feedback
  • 24/7 Access to Online Course via Multiple Devices
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Tefl Course Review 4.5/5
Go Overseas Review - 97%
course modules:
  • Introduction to EFL
    Learn about the TEFL industry, qualifications, types of contracts and other practical information.
  • Effective Classroom Management
    Learn how to implement effective rules, and develop professional relationships with students. Master the art of giving succinct instructions. Match seating styles with learners and activities. Effectively monitor and provide strategic feedback. Maintain classroom discipline.
  • Smart Curriculum Planning
    Assess goals, proficiency and content to create teaching schedules. Combine Sequencing of plans with Curriculum Development to master delivery and content.
  • Teaching Materials & Aids
    Make appropriate content selections for classes. Know how and when to modify course material. Effectively incorporate technology into lessons.
  • Designing Testing Systems
    Strategies to construct valid, reliable and practical tests. Incorporate continuous assessment in EFL programs
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