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Companies that hire online TEFL teachers without a degree

  • Want to get in on the act of web-based teaching and start exploring the world like a real digital nomad? Want to make the beaches of Thailand or the snow-mantled Alps of Europe your office? If it’s yes, yes, and whole extra side of yes to the above but you’re thinking a lack of a BA or BSc will hinder your chances, think again. There are actually plenty of companies that hire online TEFL teachers without a degree. Of course, you’ll probably need to be a little more selective in where you apply, and you’ll need to get creative with the application itself, but you’re certain to find prospective employers who are all about finding the right candidate, with the right experience and attitude, irrespective of whether university is done and dusted.


    Companies that hire online TEFL teachers without a degree
    A man works on a laptop on a mountainside | StockSnap/Pixabay


    This list can help you kick start the process, with info on just a few of the best-known companies that hire online TEFL teachers without a degree. Don’t worry – you can thank us when you’re sipping that pina colada on the Pacific…


  • Cambly


    The MO of Cambly is to get people chatting – in English, of course. It links any one of its millions of users to a native-speaking tutor in a matter of seconds. That means you can expect less of a focus on traditional teaching methods and much more on the flow of conversation. In fact, you’re likely to find a bulk of your customers want sessions to build-up their confidence in certain subject and lexical areas, so you could find you’re discussing the ins and outs of global banking one moment and the weather the next. Pay is done by contact minute, and evens out at just over $10/hour.



  • Companies that hire online TEFL teachers without a degree
    A woman sits with a laptop | Dylan Gillis/Unsplash



    QKids is a casual-style learning app that aims to link young learners in China with passionate aficionados of English around the globe. Because it’s not an official TEFL school or institution, there’s not so strict a curriculum outline, and users are simply asked to help students through pre-made tests that widen vocabulary and test key grammar areas. Being East Asia-based means that hours are not going to match with North American daytimes. Pay tends to sit at the $16-20/hour mark, which is about the industry standard.


    Say ABC


    Say ABC requests that all applicants have either already gained their degree or are in the last year of their bachelor’s study. That makes it a great opportunity for anyone thinking about breaking into the TEFL world after they graduate – you’ll certainly hit the ground running with 365 days of online experience under your belt. Another great bonus of ABC is the wage – which is upwards of $20/hour – and the turnaround time between application and work – most newcomers are running classes within a fortnight.  


    Companies that hire online TEFL teachers without a degree
    A man with a laptop in a co-working space | Bench Accounting/Unsplash




    A top solution for tech-savvy teachers who want casual teaching on the go, PalFish is an app-based service that lets you offer lessons to all sorts of learners in all sorts of time zones. You can choose between one-on-one or multi-person classes. And you get to set your own schedule and rates, which means there a big variation in the numbers here – some earn $12/hour; others earn over $30. Getting started is as easy as installing PalFish on your phone and registering an account.



  • The list above is just a taster of the wealth of companies that hire online TEFL teachers without a degree. There are plenty more, and if you can think of them, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. Alternatively, if you think it’s time to get qualified and applying for TEFL jobs, be sure to head over to our courses page for more information on where to begin.

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