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myTEFL.net is an accredited provider of quality online and onsite TEFL training courses based out of Vancouver, Canada. We have over 40 years of combined TEFL experience in publishing, teaching, consulting, institutional management and training.

Free TEFL Employment Placements

We pride ourselves on providing Practical, Quality TEFL options. For qualified graduates, we offer job placement services with a success rate of over 98%. Schools love our TEFL graduates for their professionalism, preparedness, and ability to apply their knowledge in the classroom. Check out our hottest placement packages (FREE for myTEFL grads) here: Popular Employment Packages

Hassle free TEFL Internships

For those who would prefer an simpler start, our TEFL Internships are the perfect solution. After completing our 120 Hour Professional TEFL course online, you fly out to the destination of your choice where you will meet up with other TEFL graduates from around the world. An in country orientation will get you up to speed on the basic language, culture, environment and working needs before you are placed in a preapproved school. Some of our internships are paid, meaning you earn money while building your skills, travelling, making new friends, and creating an exciting new lifestyle for yourself.  Our internships are the perfect choice if you do not have a bachelor degree, but want to get your foot in the door. Check em out: Fun Internships

Lots of TEFL Love

Above all things, we love what we do! We think everyone has a chance to reach for their dreams. Whether you are looking for a short stint overseas to taste the TEFL waters, or you are looking for a proper life & career changing move teaching English overseas, we are here to help. And no question is too small or silly. We’ve had some pretty uncommon requests (“Can I bring my two birds with me to China”?) as well as the usual (“Is it safe?”), so don’t be shy! Add our Skype ID if you’d like to chat: myTEFL Or, just come and check us out! myTEFL


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