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2018 Instagram Contest Winners

November has come and gone and so has our Instagram contest. We received tons and tons of great shots and picking the winners wasn’t easy. We received just over 200 epic travel pics and our followers sent in some of the most amazing shots from all over the world; snow capped mountains in Switzerland to white sand beaches in Thailand to mist shrouded jungles in South America.


Our contestants also hailed from all over the world; Argentina, Japan, The Philippines, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Spain and Morocco just to name a few. It’s great seeing how the love of travel and adventure knows no boundaries be it nationality, race or gender and unites us all!


We would like to thank all of our followers that participated in the contest with a special discount! Just email one of our friendly administrators at [email protected] with a screenshot of your entry and receive a discount code to sign up for our 120 hour professional TEFL course to kickstart your next big adventure!


Before we get to the winners, a few honorable mentions;



















And at long last, the lucky winners of our 120 hour professional course, in no particular order are;



Chelsea Salthouse (@csalt_travels)






Hello! My name is Chelsea Salthouse, I’m 26 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia.


I’ve travelled extensively over the past 10 years, exploring 28 countries thus far. A few of the beautiful destinations I have been to include; Switzerland, Paris, Croatia, Fiji, Vanuatu, The Philippines, Greek Islands, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Dubai and the Gili Islands which is where my winning photo was taken.


My favourite travel destination would have to be the Phillipines. The Filipinos are so humble, I have never met more beautiful people whilst travelling. The scenery is picturesque and there is so much culture to explore. I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list


It’s an honour to be selected to complete a TEFL course. Upon completion I would love to travel to Myanmar and help young children with their English. Having the opportunity to use my knowledge to help others less fortunate is such a special gift. I’m beyond excited for this adventure to unfold!


If you would like to keep up to date with my travels and see my trip to Myanmar, feel free to follow my Instagram account @csalt_travels.


“Fill your soul with adventure, the journey is the destination.”



Emanuelle Corrêa (@emanualle_ec)



C360_2017-07-04-14-17-49-159 (002)



Hi ! I’m Emanuelle , born and raised in Brazil. Growing up I was never a big traveler. I didn’t take my first international trip until I was 24. I went to Chile and that trip changed my life. It opened me up to the possibilities of the world. After that I travelled all around South America and Europe.


Bolivia was the place where I had a real culture shock, where I met amazing people I can now called them friends and where I had some crazy adventures, such as biking down the Death road and the Uyuni salt flats. It doesn’t really matter where I go, South America will always be my number one to-go destination. After MyTefl course I plan to teach abroad around Africa and Asia ,explore the world, teach and learn as much as I can.



Sandra Wettersten (@sandyw)



Wallaman Falls (002)



I’m Sandy, originally from Sweden, but now a world traveller. I love to explore new places and learn about new cultures as well as trying the local cuisine – something I am looking forward to continue to do while I am teaching somewhere in this beautiful world.



A big congratulations to our winners and a big thank you once again to everyone who participated!

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